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YBR125 injection 2007 clocks


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Hi! I would like to ask a question. I have a YBR125 injection 2007. If I put the speedo of a no ingection model YBR125 what kind of problems may I will have? Personaly, I don't have problem if the only problem will be that in the sign of the "engine problems" (the wellow one at the injection model) could be the sign of the "right turn" of the carb speedo. I tried to find the speedo with the "engine problems" sign but I can't find any and the only I find costs 340 euros. I am sending a photo of my bike's speedo and that I found at the e-bay.



From e-bay


Thank you!!!

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I have just fitted one of these to an injection YBR. I was able to put the original mph speedometer into the Chinese unit. I used the original wiring harness but the holders for the warning lights are a different size and the Chinese wiring colours are different from the Japanese ones. I managed to remove the orange warning light and put it in the new unit. All rather a bit of hassle but at £19 it was worth it. 

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