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2000 XVS 650 drgastar bobber


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Hey boys and girls,

i tried to sell Betty on eBay over the past week or so and she didn't sell mainly due to time wasters etc.

Now as you all know she's far from standard and is my pride and joy but its time for me to move on and get another project on the go.

So if you or anyone you know are interested she has the following:

  1. Yamaha off road head light guard
  2. Jammer Z bars
  3. Custom mini hand controls (horn, indicators, high/low beam and kill switch)
  4. Custom LED idiot lights
  5. Harley Davidson throttle clamp and grips
  6. Harley Davidson fuel tank with racing fuel tap
  7. Custom leather solo seat
  8. Race bike ally foot pegs
  9. Re-located crank breather
  10. Custom made rear mudguard
  11. LED rear light and side mount plate holder
  12. 2" straight through pipes with dark bronze/gold heat wrap
  13. Ram air filters on the carbs
  14. Up rated jets (main, pilot and needle)
  15. Port and polished heads

Bad points

  1. Needs and new rear tyre for the next MOT
  2. I coughed and spilt petrol on the left engine casing and its smudged the paint but i think it adds to her dirty look
  3. No indicators are fitted as i just point to where im going but all the switches and wires are there to fit if you want.
  4. Even when you wash her she still looks rough and dirty but thats the way i built her to be but might not be to every ones taste.

If you want pics then either PM me for some up to date ones or go on the "my bobber project" thread (bit dated now tho)

I'm looking at £2500 for her but thats not fixed in stone so i'll consider any sensible offers. Turnip and carrot cards not accepted.

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"Jammer Z bars"

Isn't he a rapper?

I have always liked the Betty look but don't have any hair to grow into a ponytail.

However; would you take a stale mince pie, with a bite out of it, and a copy of Ducati Weekly for it as full payment?

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Yer im pretty sure there is a Jammer Z bar rapper (wouldn't surprise me)

Im sure you can by a stick on ponytail off eBay for a tenner??

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I have a turnip 50lbs of manure & a 2013 "cute cats" calender, any good?

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