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Schuberth C3 PRO


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I had enough time to test my new helmet so I come to blabla a bit about this:

is a flip up helmet that was builded for sport bikes.

the reason I buy this helmet is because they say is a quiet helmet so, I compare this helmet with my old HJC helmets, one full face, one flip up.

I remove the windshield and take short rides with all 3 helmets.

the noise difference is HUGE. at 85 m/h with the C3 Pro, no earplugs I have something like half of the noises I get with other 2 helmets at 45 m/h with earplugs.

mechanically is like you compare a kenwood deck (c3pro) with a double radio cassette made in china (HJC RPH MAX).

the sun visor is easier to work with it (short course and is in left side) on HJC RPH MAX is on the top of the helmet, have a longer course(3 times longer) and is harder to work with it.

also is a lot more comfortable than any helmet I ever try, (shoei, hjc, scorpion...)

the front ventilation system is work better than HJC one for ... demisting is the correct word?

what I don`t like is not about the helmet, is about the intercom system. the schuberth intercom system is builded by cardo scala so the same crap with this one like others, if you connect the intercom with your gps, every time you break the speed limit or you get any indication from GPS, your radio or communication with other riders will stop. this is annoying, they should build speakers with 2 ways so your communication don`t stop every time you get a gps indication

price for C3 Pro: 450-500 pounds

price for HJC RHP MAX: 350-370 pounds

is worth every f penny in my opinion

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In that case I'm having the R2D2 helmet next time !!! :biglaugha: Actually Lassy the write up was really good mate.

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good write up, only worn my Shark helmet for one session so hoping to use it a lot more this year!

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"I did some additional research and learned C3 cheek pads cannot really be used to tighten up the C3 Pro but C3 Pro cheek pads now offer a wider variety of thicknesses compared to when the C3 Pro was first introduced. You can now tighten up the fit of a XL C3 or C3 Pro by adding C3 Pro XS cheek pads.

Here are the thicknesses for the various C3 Pro cheek pads as they would come from the Schuberth factory:

  • 15 mm C3 Pro cheek pads are used in the small, large, 2XL and 3XL helmets.
  • 20 mm C3 Pro cheek pads are used in the XS and medium helmets.
  • 30 mm C3 Pro cheek pads are used in the 2XS helmets.

I think this effectively means those with an XL C3 or C3 Pro who find the large too small and the XL too big can use the 2XS (30 mm) C3 Pro cheek pads to accomplish what you did in your review.

The C3 optional cheek pads are no longer available but the same thing can be accomplished with the XS C3 Pro cheek pads. Some of the vendors of Schuberth like RevZilla state you cannot swap cheek pads between shell sizes. This did not make sense to me so I contacted Schuberth and they stated there is no practical reason you cannot swap C3 Pro cheek pads into any C3 or C3 Pro helmet.

If there is a thickness which will improve the fit, Schuberth said grab the thickness of pad you want and it will work in either helmet and either shell size. I'm not sure how helpful this is but I've grown to greatly appreciate the content you guys provide. I pass it on in case it could be helpful to your readers.  If not my feelings are not hurt if you simply discard the information. Thanks for the great content you folks provide."


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