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Battery Instant Drain

steph g
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Hey All,

I have a problem with my electrics / battery.
Every time I do anything near the rear lights my battery drains flat.
This time I was fitting a nice little rack to the back (fits to the same bolts as the lights).
Rack fitted and went to start and it was dead. It's a new Varta Gel battery and was pretty much charged (a couple of weeks back).

Sods law, I went to re-charge it and my charger was nacked so ordered up a new Oxford optimiser.

This has happened a few times.

Any ideas?


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What charger were you using? You can kill gel batteries if you don't use a correct one? I would also look for anything earthing out and draining the battery; a faulty switch or a wire touching earth.

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It's a 12v trickle charger. Ordered up a new Oxford 900 now.
I'll check for any faults. Thanks for the advice.

As it happens I just got a call off a mechanic asking for a van livery.
Will be offering a wee livery for a repair or two. Save me a few quid hopfully.

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The brake light is the only thing fed all the time so I would check the brake light wiring must be rubed through some where.

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Yeah have to agree must be a dead short somewhere unless you have cooked the new battery with a car charger.

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Hey Guys,
The new charger showed no faults in the battery.
Doing a wee contra with a mechanic and he's away with the bike and will check that when sorting a few other wee things.
Be back on 2 wheel shortly my fat lazy ass does not like this walking nonsense.
Thanks for the advice. :spin2:

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