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I was looking for a 125 motocross bike on the road but I dont think it would be as good as a dt tbf have to mix the oil with petrol everytime you fill up. I cant see them being as fast top end because of the gearing also they are good with on and off full throttle but not full throttle all the time. (Can see the piston blow for fun) I had a cr125 which I raced a few years ago I would fill it do a 20min race and would have to fill again so the fuel is worse aswell. I went for the dt slower but more reliable as was ment for the road.

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Would be crazy to ride in town, :crazy: ,,porting is All top end.... The beauty of Power-valve motors,,, :jossun: .

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If that's the bike you have your heart set on.....go for it.

But it really is a race bike-...... i love my husky to bits but oil changes are every 5 hours of use! from what i can gather the yz is about every 10 hours use?

BUT the main thing is....are you riding on L-plates? If so then i suspect the YZ is over the power limit, so you will need a license i think.

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No suspect about it a healthy yz is kicking 35 to 40 horses.

The insurance would be hideous too, not to mention the maintainance. Messing about keeping temps up and down. Fuel.. The reasons its a bad idea are endless.

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