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sr250 kickstarter


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Hey everyone,

I am new to the forum, so let me know if there is somewhere else I should post this.

I am about to start working on my first bike, its an '81 sr250. One of the first things I want to do is install a kickstarter. I am pretty confident that I could do the install myself, but I was wondering if there is a place that I could find an exact parts list of what I will need.

Has anyone else done this?

I found this but am not sure if I need every one of these parts or not.


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Hi and Welcome to the YOC, Just one small thing, if you walked up to a bunch of strangers and started asking them about your bike and how to fix it how would they react do you think? Especially if you didn't say hello first just launched into a question. So if I might ask nicely, please do an INTRO in the NEW MEMBERS section before you start in on how to fix my bike questions, we like the fact that you are here and we like that you have a Yammie and we even don't mind that you live on the wrong side of the pond (lots of your fellow countrymen/women here) it's always nice to meet new folks and have them join in "BUT" some will not answer your question till you say a hello, not cos we're a bunch of grumpy Brits but cos it's polite. If you need inspiration then read some of the other intros to give you an idea of what's expected. Once again Welcome to the YOC. :jossun:

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