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not a yamaha but advice needed on VOR EN 530


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Hi there, Im tom, i was a regular back in 2003/4 but soon got bored of biking, im here today hopefully for some advice, I have a 1976 land rover 109 pick up, which im selling for £550 as a resto project, I have just been offered to swap it for a motorcross bike, something im told is rare and bloody quick, a VOR EN530, its a 2003 model, had no more than 10 hours use since new, garaged since 2006)

it does run and ride etc, is it worth the hassle, anyone know anything about these bikes, any info greatfully recieved


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Dont be a mug.

Rare and very quick with minimal hours as a swap for a ratty old 109.

Walk away........Its either nicked or broke.

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You MIGHT be lucky but I suspect "AS ABOVE".

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na, its far from nicked, im not an idiot lol, its a farmer friend, he bought it as a farm bike 8 years ago but it was to powerful for him, hes had it sat for 7 years unused so will need carb cleaened and tank drained etc, its £550 to me £900 to anyone else, but what im asking is does anyone know anything about them, im a plant mechanic so the mechanical side of it is fine, i can sort any probs, but there is limited info on the web about them, and i dont wanna get it and not be able to sell it on. all the its stolen rubbish is not needed, im well clued up in all that stuff lol, thanks for the concerns though lol

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