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YBR 125 cam chain adjustment/replacement

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Hi there, is there a rough mileage at which you would expect to want to be replacing the cam chain/tensioner? My ybr is coming up on 17k and I'm starting to hear what I think is a bit of ticking, the valves could probably use checking but they won't be massively out as I only checked them about 5-6k ago. I change the oil every 1500 miles so it shouldn't be a lubrication problem.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, also is there anything else I should be thinking about at this sort of mileage?


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Almost never unless it is a known fault. 17k is nothing for a 4 stroke, even a 125 one.

Not sure about the YBR but most cam chained bikes have adjustable tensioners. You could look at this as well as getting the tappets spot on. Make sure you have the correct procedures to do both of these. It is easy to get both wrong.

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I thought the same thing with my XT but when iv been sat next to a friend on his YBR

the engines sounds exactly the same and his and he'd only done a few 100 mile since getting it from the yam dealer

at this point id done 35000 mile try not to worry to much

Im sure they use springload tensioners on the YBR & XT

in the service manual check for the tensioner

is to remove tensioner (two bolts either side)

remove end cap on tensioner and insert a thin long screwdriver

in the the opening and gently push ;)

you should feel no resistance by this I mean should not catch, feel rough or grip when checking operation

hope this helps

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