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VStar 1100: 2nd hand stock pipes required

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hi folks,

not sure if this was the right place (again) so apologies if not.

my XVS1100 will be here in a few weeks and as i'm a good citizen i would like to pick up some old stock pipes before i take it to the DVLA to be registered and VOSA tested. only required temporarily (on the offchance someone local has a spare set) because i will off course be replacing them as soon as i'm on the road, needless to say with a government approved exhaust and big baffles to dampen down all that horrible engine noise that could disturb the native hedgehogs & sparrows.

best place to find stock pipes or known wreckers yards who deal with yamahas anyone?

Grave(ly compliant)

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Hi Grave,

Just checked the VOSA check list and if your pipes "had" the E mark one them and do not exceed 99DbA then you'd pass. im not saying try and get a E stamp and stamp your pipes and check that they don't exceed 99DbA with the DB meter on apple / android app market

Its a shame you have to find a set of standard pipes just for this one test as the MOT stations don't check for the amount of noise they produce as they know as soon as you get home your take the stock pipes off etc.

Have your tried Ebay?

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