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would anyone happen to know the power and weight (ideally power to weight, so i don't have to do the math my self :eusa_whistle: )of the wrf 250 and 426 please?
The ones towards the start of 2000's like '01 '02 models.

The reason i am asking is that i am keeping an eye out for a new bike and a few wrf's have come up, unfortunately i'm on a A2 license so have limits to power and power to weight. i Think the 250 would not need restriction but pretty certain the 426 would- ideally looking for exact figures so i can see how far each is from the limit- this will help a lot in trying to choose or even what to consider.

The 250 may well be quite a bit under so may be better getting the bigger one and restricting it down to pretty much the exact limit- would also imagine that the 426 would weigh more so the power to weigh may allow a bit more power and still be in the limit?

Hopefully that made sense, if anyone could help me out i would be very grateful indeed!

Also if anyone could point me in the direction of a restricter kit that is within the new laws would be great (for the bigger bike as i'm sure the 250 would be within the limits) , not even been to see the bikes yet- so this is just some research into possible bikes. i found a restricter over at fiinternational but it's for the old license A2 this would certainly be legal for me to ride but more restricted then need be.


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To get your desired bike within the regs you would need a certificate from garage and I think there will be certain garages that will do it

I was looking at doing A2 license but its become that more difficult to choose a bike within the regs ill go for the full license

I was looking at the drz400 and that would need restricting even though its only a couple of hp over regs on A2 never mind the bigger wrf's


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Appreciate the input ken!

Yeah the DRZ is certainly also on the list of possible bikes, they seem just fine TBH but the only examples i have come across so far are a bit out of budget- or more usually too far away to even consider.

If you can ken, just go for the full license like bippo has seems like SO much less hassle. Are you old enough? or even if it's a matter of just waiting a few more months i say it's worth it.

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Yeh pal I'm 31 so age isn't a problem!

They have tightened the laws right up and unfortunately and the choice of bikes for the restricted license are slim unless you restrict the bike and with needing a certificate its more hassle

All I wanted was a drz400 nothing fast so I was going for the restricted license but what's the point unless your not old enough for full license?

Government are good at spoiling everything that's good the useless twats


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