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Green Lanning (West Mids) help?

Prichard XT

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Iv had a set of metzeler unicross on/off road tyres for a month now

and haven't been out on dirt yet

can any one suggest some places that I can type in a sat nav

and go sunday mornings after work :D

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Unfortunately its not as simple as that my friend!!

Apart from tracks that you have to pay to ride on all you have is the green lanes and to be honest there not as easy as typing into a satnav to find!

You need to source an upto date set of green lane maps, try joining a local club and you should get all the info you need!

I know the lanes I ride on there kinda getting closed-I can ride along a greenlane then find myself on a track that's illegal for bikes....

I've got wrap around handgaurds Michelin ac10 tyres on for the lanes but I've given up


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fuck it ken, here's what i do when in doubt.....find a some sloppy mud, get your tire spinning in it- this should cover up your reg plate enough to stop people from getting your information as you fly on past ;)

Or you could just grab some mud with your hand/or something an cover up a few letters hahahah

Works for me anyways.....

BE WARNED: If you happen to pass a copper in a bad mood, you may have a fixed penalty fine/maybe some points?- but i have had my bike caked in mud for days and days and not been stopped for it :eusa_shifty:

As for finding greenlanes Prichard- i think there is some online club thing for greenlaning but to the best of my knowledge it's like £40 a year? ....i was lucky with finding mine, a bloke that works with my dad used to go greenlaning with his son, so he photocopied some maps for me with the lanes marked on them

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Sling a tent on the back and get yer ass down to Salisbury Plain (the place where the Army play off-road with feck-orf tanks!!!).

Go on a weekend, bowl along any A or B road between Salisbury and Devizes and you will see lines of poles (the wooden variety, not our east european friends) leading off left or right into the wide green yonder. These are the tank crossing points, and the easiest way to get on to the Plain.

There are other greenlanes nearby Stonehenge, so you could take in some history while you are at it!!!

Words of caution:

1. If you see something that looks like an amunition shell, dont touch it, leave it where it is and play somewhere else. The Plain is covered with them and you will never know if it is a dummy or real.

2. If you see a burnt out tank, dont touch it, leave it where it s and play somewhere else. Chances are nothing will happen but, the reason it is a burnt out tank is because it is used for target practice by tanks which are not burnt out - and you dont want to be around when those buggers start slinging their ordnance about!!!

3. Dont ride in areas where you see red flags flying as that is where the bomb happy tanks drivers (and others) are shooting nine bells out of anything that moves.

Other than that - its an absolute hoot around there, and all perfectly legal.

Go on - you know you want to!!!!

CT :wavey:

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Not as simple as than now carl


Crackdown on illegal off-road bikingand 4x4's. (Salisbury Journal)
10:21am Tuesday 11th December 2012 in News By Jill Harding
POLICE are clamping down on vehicles being driven illegally on Salisbury Plain.
In a joint operation between Wiltshire Police and the Minister of Defence, eight people have been fined and three motorcycles seized for being driven without insurance or a licence.
And five antisocial behaviour notices were issued, which will stay in force for the next 12 months.
Officers on off-road motorcycles teamed up with training area marshals and land wardens to carry out the latest crackdown.
They were targeting motorcycles and vehicles being driven off the permitted byways across the Plain.
Sergeant Mark Venning, MoD Police senior officer for Salisbury Plain, said: “The vast majority of Salisbury Plain is owned by the MoD and it is regularly used for military exercises.
“The public is allowed access and vehicles are permitted, but only if they stick to the numerous marked byways and official tracks, and they must be fully road legal including insurance.
“No vehicles are allowed to leave these rights of way, primarily for range safety reasons. But unfortunately we have been receiving more and more reports of motorists and bikers going off-road.
“This is an operational military training environment so this clearly presents a safety issue, but there is also the fact that 20,000 hectares of grassland on the Plain have been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conversation.
“We have had reports that damage has been caused to this environment by these unauthorised vehicles and motorbikes driving across the grasslands and in the woods.
“Given the size of the area to be covered, working together with Wiltshire Police and our land wardens gives us a greater ability to deter and detect such offences across the plain, and Wiltshire’s Off Road bike capability had a dramatic and positive impact within this operation. We will continue to work in partnership to safeguard this important training and conservation area.
“MoD land on Salisbury Plain is subject to a range of byelaws which are posted on all access points so there should be no excuses for ignorance.
“These byelaws also give us powers of arrest for offences and allow us to remove vehicles and other property if they are being misused.”
Anyone with information about illegal activity on Salisbury Plain can call Plainwatch on 01980 674700 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111
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Ah yes - I have read this....

Mostly, what the 'authorities' are clamping down on are vehicles without tax and insurance and being driven 'off piste'.

When they say in the article 'off road' they mean directly across the fields. The military area of Salisbury Plain has hundreds, if not thousands, of tracks which are the byways that can be used by the 'law abiding' public. They are very obvious. Sometimes, the military close off some of the tracks for operational reasons - again, it is very obvious which have been.

So long as the rider is licenced, the bike is legal and the insurance is in place.....then you will be good to go!!!

Done it myself many a time on both bikes and with Landies.....last time was late last year.

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But unfortunately we have been receiving more and more reports of motorists and bikers going off-road.

God damn wannabe coppers, they make me fucking sick! i have seen notices popping up on a few tracks around here informing the public to call the police immediately if they see any motorcycles- fucking wankers.

apparently my bike is destroying forestry tracks, however these tracks are there for big tree hauling vehicles...i'm not sure how my 125 is causing more damage to the tracks that them!

no one likes a fucking snitch! :eusa_snooty:

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sound people I might just stick to the local spots there illegal but grew up round there so I know every exit and entrance

cant beat our local quarry illegal but has a 200 ft sand hill climb not the steepest but great fun loads of lil trax cut it to the flat and at the top

there wooded area with deep quad trax fun to get stuck in there for 20mins

and a couple of mile of dirt track going on and off B roads all linking together

think joining a local clubs the option

but I herd if you got the time you can got to your local council

and ask for the local map of open and closed byways in the brough

they will print them for you with a small fee for the paper work

well the bike is legal road so don't think that would be an issue

yeah got to hit the bar guards clipping barbed wire and branches hurt

also chicanes pot holes snow + hiting 50 doesn't mix your bike ends up in a tree :D and you end up in a bush

was fun

as for the police they do there job. . . yeah right the past couple of months a few do gooder local residents of wv11 have been give speed trap guns to catch and fine

people yet im paying tax for a copper to be stood there

I think next time I come across one im just gonna ditch the bike let it go sliding down the road and say I though it was a gun hopefully that should put an end to it if they causing accidents

whats your views on this (not so much ditching the bike )

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Alright mate

I have to say you are mistaken there. The local residents will not have the power or authority to issue fines to speeding drivers/riders. More than likely they will record the details and the alleged 'offender' will receive a letter from the cops.

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