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Kawasaki GPz 750 R Problem


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Hey Guys,

I can't thank you enough for the information received which, along with the Scapa :eusa_whistle:, gave me the confidence to attempt something way, way out of my comfort zone.

I'm now fairly confident I would try this again so a big thank you.

Obviously when I reattach the carbs to the bike and it won't run at all i'll be back on the same topic!

I can now get back to finishing fitting my 4-1 on my XJ.

All the best,


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another little thing that may help, when you try to start it if its not working try taping off half of eac air filter. may be getting to much air in and mixing the ratios up becase of the pods, my z750 was a bastard to set up, took nearly three months of fiddling and changing little bits to get it right.

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Hi Beef,

Thanks for that advice....I saw a guy on youtube doing that once but hadn't thought of it since. Due to pressure of work I haven't been near the thing but I'll get an hour after work so am looking forward to giving it a go. Will obviously post up pictures if I have success or i'll be back on tomorrow night with more questions.

I was talking to one of the mechanics at work today and he recommended setting up the float height?????? How the hell do you do that? I think someone on here mentioned it too. I'm an enthusiastic amateur and this is beyond my comfort level. I find refitting the carbs a right bastard as I have to use a heat gun to soften the rubbers enough to get them to fit and re-fitting the throttle and choke cables are a nightmare.


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Hey All,

Finally a bit of progress...while the carbs were off again I took the opportunity to dry and get a lot of the crap that's accumulated under there away by giving it a mild steam clean. Obviously I blocked off the bores etc but is looking better.

A couple of questions .....

What;s this?


And this? I think it may be the breather from when there was an air box but am not sure.


Last one. What's the blue tube for?


Opps, sorry there is another one. I presume there must be some air assistance for the rear shock because I discovered a valve for pumping air into. If so does anyone know the correct pressure?


Then bled the clutch....


Finally carbs refitted and got the throttle cable on first time. Result! The noticed the rubbers are all squinty and they'll need to come off again. Bollocks.

Anyway, thanks for looking and in advance for any advice received but i'm really chuffed to get some progress. I'll need to bleed the brakes after work and then i'll try and get her to fire up. Fingers crossed.



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Hi All,

Not a lot to report really. I managed to remove from the carbs the fuel pipe which was a real fiddle to get back on. Removed the carbs and straightened the rubbers to the head and re-fitted the carbs. It has a new battery in it but that was several years ago. Even though it's not been used do you think it needs replaced? I had it on charge for a couple of hours today but it didn't hold much of a charge, just enough to make the lights/horn etc.

Anyway, i'm thinking well it's now or never, hit it with easy start and it caught and died, caught and died over and over again. It only seems to want to fire with the easy start. After trying for about twenty minutes using a good booster pack i'm now only getting a single click when I hit the start button. Have I knackered the solenoid or something?

Now home, mingin of easy start and thoroughly fed up.

All the best, Davie.

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that clutch master cylinder looks a bit crusty and fluid looks rank. i would look at taking it off and cleaning it out, flushing the lines and then rebleeding.

as for the tubes, the one in the second pic looks like it could be a breather / drain tube from the air box. it should run down near the swing are and out to the world underneath. have a look and if so get rid.

the blue one could be a breather for the engine as for the others i aint sure.

as for the shocks thats up to your personal preferance. how hard or soft you want them will be decided after you have rode the bike for a while, my front forks on my Z are hard, but i like them that way, but my mate hates them...

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Hey Beef,

To be fair that's the before pic. Honest!

I think the the tube from the left crank case may be something to do with de icing or summit. I've just never seen so many blocked or useless breathers on a bike before.

Tonight I had it spinning and it was really trying. The clicking noise heard on the last thread seems to be the starter sticking. Coupla taps with the persuader gets it spinning again.

The one positive factor seems to be that at least the carbs are not leaking anymore. Tomorrow it'll be plugs out, more fresh fuel and we'll need to see what happens. I don't think it's far away.

Again, thanks for all advice/comments big or small. Greatly appreciated.

Once this is going it's to the MOT station and back to the XJ as per other thread.


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