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unwanted computer componants wanted

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hey guys and girls..

i know its not motorbike related but i guess most of use use computers in here so i thought i would give it a go.

im after computer parts for trade - i used to sell processors and memory modules on ebay a few years ago but i stopped for some reason now i cant remeber why but i know i didnt have time to mess on with testing them etc so im gonna start up again through ebay and facebook.

i do fix laptops and pc towers and ive built some amazing pcs in my time my last one cost me £2k i have had one of them featured in a performance pc video on youtube which picked out some of the most atractive water cooled pc's but ive been out of it a while now so this is me starting from the ground up again.

im basicly looking for anything you dont use or want rid of if its free or if there is a price you want im interested, mainly interested in the processors as there cheap to post!

i understand that people are a little sceptical on selling there used hard drives because they can contain personal data so that is completely up to you.

if there are any people interested in anything give me a shout and tell me what you have or want i have a few parts here now, i must stress i am not going to be putting up mega money for parts just yet its gonna be slow to start with until i can generate enough cash to buy the more expensive parts.

like i say all parts considered but the really old stuff before the pentium 4 is not really of interest.

i wont advertise my facebook page or anything on here because im sure it wont be acceptable unless a mod can clarify this for me please?

if you have parts you want gone for free i will pay postage dont worry about that!!!



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I tried water cooling my old laptop, but it just spat out some sparks and stopped working when I dipped it in the sink.....

I've got loads of bits and pieces from when we replace the IT at work, but it would need collecting although I think you may be too far away to warrant the cost.

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Alas, having usually inherited them my own self, I usually move my usable components on to other people in need.

+1 for watercooling, though. I'm just waiting for a new case that I like enough to transplant my existing w/c system.

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