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original sprocket size dt125r 2003

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hey people!

just a quick couple of questions, anyone know the original size for front and rear sprockets? also the pitch for chain?

curious as i would like to go an extra tooth on front sprocket for more comfy 60mph at the moment my bike does about 100kph and screems its nipples off neer the redline so im thinking front sprocket has been dropped a tooth from stock!!

i cant find my yamaha manual or anything online as most say 15t, 16t and 17t front but i think 16t is stock sprocket for mine.

would like to just check maksure previous owner hasnt messed on with both sprockets sizes, dont have a clue whats on there now as its cold and dark when i start and finnish work but i will be having closer inspection on weekend hopefully.



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mines 16/57 stock, but earlier bike, surely the later ones are the same.

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