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75 dt 250 enduro


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hey guys i have 2 75 dt 250 enduros im going to make one good bike from the 2 and with my second motor it will be going in a golf cart witch is almost done. my question to you is what wires do i need to hook up to get it to spark. i need the harness for the other bike so i dont want to hack it all up. this bike does not run a battery. thanks,

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I think you'll need most of the harness if you want to use a key. At least the wiring to and from the rotor, the cdi, rectifier, coil and main switch - or a kill switch if you want to set it up that way


here's a basic wiring component photo....


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An intro would help no end. People dont generally reply to 1st post questions......

Drop into the new members area and say hi.

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Just a suggestion as you have 1 harness make a copy of it.

I take it you need to make 1 for the golf cart.

So using a mulit meter set on ohms scale Identify each wire and simply make it longer.if you don't want the lighting/horn then omit them.

You will need the ignition coil, charing coil /points, voltage regulator, kill switch. Geting a wiring diagram will make this easier.

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