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Dt125r 2004 bogging


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Hello people!

Just bought a perfect example of a dr125r just got a minor problem with I believe the carb-ill explain in a little detail.

Pulls from standstill up to 9000ish rpm and then I get bogging and stuttering, noticed it more today when I took her out on some busy roads.

Only bought it Friday night

Just wondering if anyone has any advice or suggestion?

Bike is fully derestricted with a full dep exhaust and snorkel removed, previous owner says he got carb jetted up in a garage but I don't believe him.

Any ideas what jet she should have in?



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Move the needle clip in the carb down 1 notch = more fuel for top speed running.

Airhead ru shure about the 240 stock seemes to me someone had a bad melt down with a 210 stock jet??

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They did increase the jet size as standard from 210 to 240 from 1997 onwards, starting with the fist 4BL model. They then changed it back in 2004/05 with the first DT125RE. Back to 210. I'm guessing that was because of how restrictive te exhaust was with all the CAT. If you've got a DEP on I'd start on a 250 and work down if you need to.

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honestly im not messing on with jets or anything like that!

had enough of trying to setup carbs, if the spark plug cand filter changes dont make a difference ill be thinking about decoking exhaust then if no joy ill be putting it into a shop for them to set it up!!

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As long as the plug is sparking well, it's working. Changing it will be a waste of time/money if its working. You'll want to do a plug chop and see what the mixture is like. If it's running lean then you'll have a good chance of holeing the piston and ending up needing a full engine rebuild. If it's running rich then it will not be performing as well as it could and you may foul the plug.

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