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XV 535 Smoking CDI unit

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Hi, I've just bought a 1994 XV 535 Virago. The bike has sat used for 5 years in a garage. I collected it on Sunday when the seller proudly announced that he had managed to get the bike running. He had put some fresh petrol in the tank and jump started it using the battery on his car (not sure that's good thing to do?). He said that the bike was running for over 20 minutes as he trying to get some charge back into the bike battery. When I arrived the bike battery was totally flat, so the seller connected jump leads to his car again and with full choke the bike started. I seem to remember being told it's bad to run a motor with a battery of much higher amperage connected, so I disconnected one of the jump and the bike immediately cut. Upon re-connecting the jump lead each time the ingnition switch was turned on it immediately blew the 15 Amp ignition fuse, a few more attempts were made until we ran out of 15 Amp fuses. When I got the bike I removed the battery and tried to charge it overnight to no avail, it's had it. To try and start the bike today I connected an old bandit battery that I had, but it wasn't fully charged so the engine would turn over. The indicators worked but not much else. It was then that I noticed smoke coming from the plastic chrome RHS cover. Under that cover are a few relays an an odd looking thing in a small sealed see through plastic bag? (what is it?) and the CDI unit which still had smoke coming from it? I turned off the ignition and removed the battery. The 15 Amp ignition fuse hadn't blown, but perhaps this is due to the weak battery?

1. Is the CDI unit now toast (was it fried by the car battery yesterday?)

2. Has the rectifier been fried by the car battery, thus allowing to much power to the CDI hence causing it to overheat and smoke?

3. Have both been fried?

4. Can a rectifier and CDI be checked without specialist equipment.

A new and correct battery is now on order, but I fear by connecting I'll fry the CDI even more?

Any help, suggestions or similar problems with what you did to solve will be gratefully received.

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