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Greetings from a new owner.

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Hello everybody, just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. My name is Matt and I'm from Virginia. I'm not only the new owner of a 1988 FZ600 but a new rider/motorcycle enthusiast all together. I have always wanted to have a motorcycle and finally took the initiative to learn to ride when I was 19 or so, I'm now 24 and just now got around to getting a bike. (Hey don't judge me a lot has happened in between!) The bike was abandoned, therefor I know nothing of its past aside from what I discover as this project moves along. So far I've ordered a manual, taken it apart some and bought a battery. I have seen the great works of online forums can do for a complete newbie, so I come to you with an open mind wanting to learn about this bike. Be prepared for PLENTY of questions and, with some luck, I'll learn quickly.

Anyhow, I'll quit talking and POST SOME DAMN PICS!!!






So I will wrap up my introduction by asking you guys a simple question...

Where do I start with this freaking thing​​​​?!?!

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Hi Matt and welcome!

Well done for "finally" getting a bike :D you have def picked one hell of a project by the looks of things but nothing a shed some tools and e-bay cant solve ;)

As for your question, seeing that it appers to have met the road on its side at some point id get the engine out along with every thing else right down to the frame and get the frame checked out to see if it is bent or damaged in any way.

Dose the bike start? if not then thats another on the to do list, (if it dont start id make it start now before you strip down any further)

Next will be to sort out any missing parts and get them bought.

I think that should keep you busy to start with :D

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Thanks for the welcome Noise!

It had fallen over (multiple times) while it was parked due to the previous owner parking it with the stand slightly uphill which made it level to the ground so as far as I can tell just the mirrors, fairings and right handlebar and throttle assembly have. suffered. As forit running I still need to make a key. I legally own it now via abandoned vehicle process so I was never in possession of the key and have no way of getting any info on it from the previous owner.

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Cool stuff - I love 80s bikes!!

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