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YBR125 Gear Problems


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It might be the selector pawl, or a weak spring not returning the pawl/ drum to the correct place, ,its a small job for a Pro,

Take it back to dealer if your not compitent to do it,

And s the oil level ok, first sign of low oil is stiff changes,

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Hi, thanks for the replies.

- I don't tend to skip gears when changing I don't think.

- I'm having the issue is both stopped and when moving

- My gear changing technique was a bit rough but had improved before this issue started. The main thing I was doing badly was dropping the clutch suddenly after changing which made it a bit rough. I didn't notice bangs or clunks though

- I haven't checked the oil as I've only done a few journeys since its service but I'll check this

The first time I had the issue on Sunday I pulled over, pulled the clutch in & tried to coax it down to first/neutral with no success. I then turned off the ignition and waited a bit working the selector downwards with the clutch in & turned it on again and it was in neutral. I got first & pulled away & I thought it was ok but once I changed up to second it would go back down again.

I tried the same again soon after but it didn't work.

I'm not capable of fixing it myself but the dealer I bought it from is further away than I'd want to drive it with this issue. Plus it's not got a warranty on it. Don't suppose anyone can recommend a good garage/mechanic in South London?

Thanks again,


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One thing to try, in a safe enough place, if you're stuck in second [or neutral]:

Clutch in, rock the bike back and forth very slightly, and see if it'll drop in to gear.

Another question: where do you have the biting point of the clutch set at? [even if it's not something you've adjusted yourself]

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Are you holding your toe on gear lever ? remember to release the gear leaver after EVERY change , so it can set-up for the next gear

:yeah: And never ride with toe resting on the lever :fingerwave:

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I'd say my clutch biting point is at about 60-70% released on the lever though I have not adjusted this. I'll try rocking back & forth with the clutch in but I think I will probably need to get it looked at.

@blackhat250 I don't think I rest my toe on the lever between shifts but I will make sure not to do so in future.

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