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New Licence, New bike.... Which way to A+E?

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Hi there!

I finally made the plunge into getting into biking. It's something I've looked at since leaving home 10 yrs ago, but have only made it financially viable (and I thought up a good enough excuse).

I am the VERY proud owner of a brand new YBR 125 Custom and within 48hrs introduced it (and myself) to the joyes of riding at 0600 on damp roads and 2300 in rain. LOVED IT!!

Haven't quite built up the cahones skirt in and out of traffic, but there's plenty of time for that.

Now I just need to make sure I don't pick up too many bad habits before I make the final descision to take my "big bike" test, it was inevitable....



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:welcome: to the mad house Matt, sounds like you'll fit right in here.

best habit to have is don't assume anything on the road. just expect them to try and run you over and act accordingly.

If you want to go tear-arsing around do it where there's no chance of things pulling out of you! (pretty rare in town)

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Hi m8 just joined the form my self just keep a eye on the sometime blind fourwheel drivers and enjoy ur bike keep it shiney side up 


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'Ello Matt!

Whereabouts in Berks are you?

Reading is good for playing in traffic, especially up and down the A33 in rush hour!

You also have the A4074 with Fox's Diner (now called H's Cafe) and M&P a mere 28 odd miles up the way, with some great countryside roads to cut your teeth in on!!

Just watch for speed traps along the road into Berrinsfield...

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