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Yamaha DT 175MX Spares

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Hi guys,

Since I've now sold the DT I have some bits left over so thought I would put them on here first before I go down the route of evilbay.

DT 175 Barrel, Head and Piston. The barrel is 0.5 over size and looks in good condition to me, it was running and sounded fine when I took it off. The head is marked in the dome, it looks like a piston ring in bits hit it at one time but it was as I said running fine on the bike. Piston looks okay, just needs carbon taken off it.

Bash plate/sump guard. No major dents in it, not majorly rusty, would clean up fine I think.

Front and rear indicators, practically brand new, bike only did about 10 miles with them on.

If anybody is interested make an offer.



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I've got a '74 DT175 missing turn signals. Do you know if these would fit OK?

If these would work, and If you still have them, I'ld offer $25 for the set, plus shipping which would go at $4.95 in a USPS flat rate box.

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Unlikely after 4 years.


Thread locked.

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