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Yamaha YZF-R125 problems?


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Hi guys, 1st March got a brand new Yamaha YZF-R125, and love it, I wore the engine in properly, went over 6k revs sometimes by accident (more concerned with the road than my revs!) but I am sure it never went much over 6.5k for any longer than a second or two, I doubt it is THAT precise.

Anyway, where I live the road camber is a bit of a bitch, and some mornings I dont give it enough juice, it stalls, fair enough, but when I push the starter again it just keeps going grgrgrgrgrgrgr and never turns on, and if it does it sounds slow and clunky, whereas if I switch it off, wait a few secs, and turn back on, its fine. Is this normal?

Also, I know its only a 125, but at around 6,000 revs its noise is different, it sounds louder and kind of horrible, almost 2 stroke moped like but not as bad, but after 6500-7000 revs it goes back to normal. Ive been told this is simply where I kept the revs at 6000 too long when wearing the engine in, as youre supposed to "mix the revs up" but on a 125 6k revs gets you 48mph max in 6th gear, and it gets you 42mph in 5th gear at 6k revs. Its not very realistic for me to be jumping from gears 5-6 in traffic, especially when its still gonna be 6k revs, if I had to go to 5k etc id be pissing a lot of people off. Another person simply said the gear has stretched. Its not a nasty nasty noise, doesnt sound worrying, its just a nuisance, and it doesnt always do it, sometimes its worse than others. I notice it is usually worse on my "fun days" where I really rev into gears 1 and 2, and its usually in gear 3 it happens, at 30mph (6k revs) it just sounds really tinny and mopeddy (nowhere near as loud or horrible, but analogous sounding)

Should I take it to dealership?

I got the 600 mile service and it helped the noise, the next one isnt til 3600, and ive got 1900 on it at the moment, bite the bullet and get an early one just incase?

PS. Dont worry I ensure the engine is warm before doing any high revs in low gears on my "fun riding days" and I rarely hit above 8-9k on the low gears anyway, usually hitch up at 7-8k. The revometer (lol) red zones at 10k so this shouldnt be an issue right?

Cheers, and loving every day of motorcycling!

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