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Hi All, just got my TDM 900 , a week ago. Such a suprise. I went into my Honda dealers with my

Dullville, and it caught my eye. A thirty minute test ride later and , it came home with me.

Its silver , with a Givi higher screen, and a givi rack and top box.

Its sooooo, comfy, and a pleasure to ride.

What I cant get over is , how good it is on fuel??????

I am an LGV/PCV Driving Instructor.My passion is Field Archery,

and Motorcycles, (but not at the same time). My partner (female) rides a BMW f650. We live in Warrington Cheshire.

We are both over 40. Always up for a ride out somewhere.

May I ask, what is the expected life of a well looked after /serviced TDM ??

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Congratulations on the TDM 900, is a great bike. As for life expectency......most people have found that they start giving quite serious, expensive trouble around 8 yrs old, and I see that yous is a 2003 model, so that means....errr 1,2,3.....4,5......6,7.......ahhh, ermmmm, got to go now. :lol::lol::lol:

Welcome along, hope you have some fun here. :D

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Hi and welcome.

I had to laugh that you felt you had to explain that your partner was female but didn't say what your gender was :lol:

I do like TDM's but a bit big for me, I feel.

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Hi there sorry , Im a male, well the last time I looked I was.

Eight years old and the start having expensive problems.

Well,I supposed I asked. What sort of mileage before things start to go "chest up"?

I love the way it looks though, I could just sit and watch it , it sort of 'sugly'

thats a cross between "sexy and ugly".

A few folk have said the engines are "bulletproof", if maintained properly, are they


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Hi Shytot, welcome! The TDM's are brill bike I had a 2005 one for 4yrs magic, very under rated bike my other half (female ;-) and I

Loved it they can have probes like all machines, check out "Carpe tdm" web site, mine of info on these beasts, B) changed as it got a bit heavy for my old bones to move around :huh:


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