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Hi there! :) Newbie with a Townmate T80

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Hi there people,

Just a hello really.

Wanted to get back on a bike again after having had one whilst i traveled round New Zealand a few years back. I've now picked myself up a 1993 Yamaha T80 Townmate. I got it for £250 with 5000 genuine miles and all the original MOT's. It had been off the road for 8 years when I purchased it but after pumping up the tyres and giving it a good look over it flew through it's first MOT since 2003 :D

Using it everyday now as it saves me a fortune in fuel. 130mpg is certainly helping the pocket. I've already done 800 miles in my first month of ownership. The money I save is all going towards getting my full license hopefully in the Summer.

Anyway hi to everyone, my name is Chris and i'm based in the Midlands area in the UK. Hopefully I will get to a few meets/shows over the summer and meet a few of you there :)

All the best


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Welcome to the asylum... er, i mean forum...

I see you've already met the village loonatic, lol

wit ye oan aboot fanny bawz ? :D:huh:

hows tricks young yin?

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Where abouts in the Midlands are you? I'm based just near Silverstone.

About 30 miles north of you in Loughborough, Leics.

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At last another t80 owner, I've got a 1992 grey t80 and based in the Nottingham not seen another t80 on the roads yet, they a lot better than the c90 with a better gearbox and shaft drive but less torque up hills put they still pull respectably and better handerling.

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Hello everyone, I've just bought a T80 too, it seems like a fun little thing and I can't wait to get it on the road.

One prob I'm having is whenever I call dealers for parts they tell me the machine was only ever made between 1983 and 1986 but my log book and reg plate say it's a 1996 model so I can't sort out parts. The frame number starts 35T which one dealer says makes it a 1983 but what's going on with all these dates ? ? ? can anyone shed some light on this for me ?

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