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Guess who's still alive....me info needed on quad bike laws to


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Hiya peeps, long time no speak, how is everyone doing. is pete still about and alex etc, been a couple years since my last appearence, well alot has changed, i am now settled and living back in my home town of glastonbury, engaged to be married to the love of my life, have a 2 year old daughter called Amelia all is doing well, i am now an operations manager etc

question i have is my father in law has some chinese shit quad bike, a 110 clunk engined chinese made one, it has indicators and a brake light but no reg plate or v5, he has offered to give me it for nothing and i decided i will have it if i can make it road legal for fun really and maybe for commuting on, can i find reg no from vin, if its not registered, how do i go about getting it registered and how much does this cost etc obviously he has no v5, it was bought a couple years back from a farmer. any info on how to get it road legal would be good, also am i right in thinking i just need my car license to ride it

thanks Tom

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Mozzy you old bugger thought you were dead , well living in glastonbury is nearly as good i would imagine,

glastonbury is the arse-end of civilisation :lol:

anyway mozzy, wasn't here when you are on previously - but i am now. I'm in Brizzle.

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