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dtr125 jetting

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i have just fitted a big one full system to my bike it is fully deristricted but bike now has a nasty flat spot in top gear inbetween 7-8,000 rpm,does any one know which jets to change and what sizes,bike had previously had a dep system that went rotten and could not afford to replace it and had no issues with this pipe,the bike is a 02 125 by the way

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if it has a mikuni flat slide carb then I 'Think' you will find it has a 240 as standard. I would recommend at least a 250 with aftermarket pipes, I've put that in mine and that's only got an aftermarket silencer. maybe it would be wise to buy two..a 250 and a 260 ?

Try motocarb


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yes is a 240 jet in there,just confused how the dep system needed no adjustments and the bike ran fine with it on and the big one system has really messed with the bikes performance,5th gear is a stuggle to use and 6th is totally useless no power at all as the bike sits between 7-8000 rpm in these two gears,its a real struggle to get 60mph at all

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