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:S pig sick


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This morning on my commute to college took my hands of the bars to pull my gloves onto my hands more, not seeing the police car on the opposite side of the road, as i went past the police car my friend informed me that the cop had turned the camera round to try and get my plate, but did not stop me or try to,

help, does anyone know if i can be done for anything for this and since i am only riding on my cbt then can i have my provisional took off me?

im gutted and feel sick right now.... :mellow::angry:

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First thing, Do you believe your 'friend'? is thier observation that good ? or are they just winding you up?

Was the officer actually turning the camera, or simply adjusting his rear view mirror, lipping his visor down (it's a sunny day after all) ?

It would be more likely, if Mr Plod was interested in you, that he'd turn around, pull you in and give you his 'safety talk' and you would at least get the opportunity to give an explanation for your actions (this is the point where you never try to be cleaver, be open and honest), before getting properly shafted.

I wouldn't worry about it, just remember to dress yourself properly in future!!! ;)

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i just really really cant have my provisional took of me, i would be gutted

and i dont know how observent my friend is, sadly i didnt c the cop untill it was to late, howerver he was in a que of traffic so hopefully he wont have seen me, happily i had to swerve to miss a car so it hopefully wont have cought me, but you never no.

next time, well next time i just wont bother......

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