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Has anyone done an ABS removal on a FJ1200A ?

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Hi All, Newbie Wilbur here !!!!

I am an engineer in the CHP and Oil and Gas industry. I have been a bike rider for 28 years ( That Long ), have had about 90 bikes and performed may mods and even sucsessfully removed the ABS from a BMW R1100S, (Many Nights of head scratching).

I would like to know what is required to remove the ABS from my FJ1200A ??

I have tried the search facilty on the site and because ABS is three letters I failed.

Hope somone can help point me in the right direction as I was led to your website with a link to a member by the name of FJ12SP !! he apparantly has performed this removal and was wondering if he had documented it ??

Hope you can help.



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Hi Wilbur

Its pretty straight forward you will need new brake lines all round as the ABS lines run to the ABS pump. Remove the ABS pump(Under seat & Air box. I removed the air box and fitted individual filters but they require a re-jet) you will note that its pretty heavy. Then remove the ABS fuse (sorry can't remember witch one, but once you have removed the pump the ABS warning light on dash will illuminate so just keep pulling fuses untill it goes out)

Get some new brake lines made up (I used two single line at the front too feed each caliper individualy). Cut out all the electrical wires to front and back sensors(Not absoulutly neccesary) bleed the front and back systems and hey presto!!

Bleeding can be a bit of a pain, I reverse filled my brakes as this made it easier(Pumped fluid through the bleed nipples up to the resevoir).

Hope this helps.


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Probably not on a BMW!!

I know there are some braking problems on some BMW's but I haven't heard of any on Yamahas.

I have had problems with the ABS warning light flashing at me after about 200 yards or so, I have no faith in ABS on bikes as it complicates what is a simple form of transport and it liberates a lot of weight too.

Thanks for the advice FJ12SP, is the ABS wiring embeded in the bikes main loom or is there a separate loom ? Also why is it nesassary to remove the airbox, or is that just a mod you recommend ?

Cheers, Wilbur.

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The wiring is pretty complex as it utilises part of the main loom and the ABS computer is in the tail unit, I found that if removed all the ABS wiring my fuel pump would not work (Theres a relay somewhere that uses the ABS wiring).

The air box was removed because if you have ever tried removing and replacing the FJ12 air box you will quickly understand (The crankcase breather pipe is almost impossible to fit back on once removed from the air box).


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