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Found 5 results

  1. Hey All, Just wanted to say hi! I picked up my first Yamaha (1978 XS750) this weekend, and I think its going to be a real (fun!) project. I'd been debating the merits of the XS750s vs the (Honda) CB750s for a month prior to buying this bike without coming to any overwhelming conclusions, but the price on this particular bike ($300) steered me toward the XS. There are (at least) evident electric (harness) and aesthetic issues, but I'm excited and can't wait to get to work turning her into a budget cafe. This will be my first, and I'm hoping to do a serviceable job with another $1,700 (for a total of 2G). Quick observation: in the 24 hours since I actually came home with the bike, I've been amazed with how many more readily available (online) cafe parts there are for the CB750 than the XS750. I can't wait to search around this forum to see how other Yamaha owners approached their cafe projects. If you have advice, I'll love it! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you all know that I am excited to own this bike and to have found this forum! Pics to come soon... Texas (Dallas)
  2. Hello everybody, just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. My name is Matt and I'm from Virginia. I'm not only the new owner of a 1988 FZ600 but a new rider/motorcycle enthusiast all together. I have always wanted to have a motorcycle and finally took the initiative to learn to ride when I was 19 or so, I'm now 24 and just now got around to getting a bike. (Hey don't judge me a lot has happened in between!) The bike was abandoned, therefor I know nothing of its past aside from what I discover as this project moves along. So far I've ordered a manual, taken it apart some and bought a battery. I have seen the great works of online forums can do for a complete newbie, so I come to you with an open mind wanting to learn about this bike. Be prepared for PLENTY of questions and, with some luck, I'll learn quickly. Anyhow, I'll quit talking and POST SOME DAMN PICS!!! So I will wrap up my introduction by asking you guys a simple question... Where do I start with this freaking thing​​​​?!?!
  3. Hi Every one Just got a XVS650 51 plate and a lot of rust and corrosion. First proper bike in 30 years. Been reading some of the discourse with interest. Screen or no screen, drilling out pipes to sound differant? Why buy something to just to change it to make it sound and look like something it's not. Ride it Enjoy it and have fun cleaning it after. Good luck to you all.
  4. Hi there! I finally made the plunge into getting into biking. It's something I've looked at since leaving home 10 yrs ago, but have only made it financially viable (and I thought up a good enough excuse). I am the VERY proud owner of a brand new YBR 125 Custom and within 48hrs introduced it (and myself) to the joyes of riding at 0600 on damp roads and 2300 in rain. LOVED IT!! Haven't quite built up the cahones skirt in and out of traffic, but there's plenty of time for that. Now I just need to make sure I don't pick up too many bad habits before I make the final descision to take my "big bike" test, it was inevitable.... Matt @;o)
  5. Hello all! F**cking New Guy here! I'm 17, riding a yamaha YBR 125 on a CBT and LOVING IT. Figured I'd join the forum and get to know a few other riders. Love your faces! Columbo
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