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  1. Hi There, complete novice Here. Problem developed with my bike on friday. it seems that when I turn the handlebars slightly to the right my revs die right down and the whole bike drops rihgt down in power. this problem only appears when turning the bike right as when pointing the handlebars straight or left there is no problem Thought it could be a trapped wire or cable but all cables seem loose and no movement from them when turning the handlebars. Checked the Spark plugs as well but they also are fine and the problem still persists and is driving me up wall. Any help would be much appreciated thank you
  2. I can always go down via notts if it comes t it lol, certainly beats ging down on my own too, but thats if i go. no idea where it is meself but shouldnt be too hard to find i dont think
  3. Hi, I had the same problem on my kymco pulsar 125 (yeah shameful i know but gotta start somewhere), anyway problem I found was my clutch cable was pretty much on the way out. Try altering the tension on your clutch cable and if that doesnt help then it might mean you need a new cable. rob
  4. Last war lost by england: american civil war of independance. Last war lost by america: Vietnam only country to have never lost a war in last 100years - England Oh and by the way if history is correct didnt america only win the war of independance due to the french blocking the harbours therefore not allowing british troops in? so technically france won the war for you. As for most inventions, sorry to say but scotland has us both beaten by a country mile on that one. Anywya after those facts why dont we just get back to what this place is all about? yamaha owners getting along with each other ffs!
  5. Will be there depending on weather, Aint riding down from all the way up here if its absolutely pissing it down lol will be on an xj600n
  6. Yeah my dad has a GSXR 600 and to be honest more power than I could confidently handle, hence sticking with a XJ600N for a couple of years
  7. Ok just to chuck my opinion into this, I actually do think that riders under 21 should be restricted, Round where I live there are a lot of young lads on 125 moto cross style bikes and all of them ride around as if they're asses were on fire, now would they change their habits on a bigger bike? I think not. its all about self control and the older you get the more you tend to use that self control. Im only 25 and did my cbt last october and my DAS last month, I have now just purchased a 1995 XJ600N as my first bike big and to be honest having come from a 125cc to this i feel anything with moe power would probably kill me. I do find myself exceeding the speed limits at times (i.e when roads are totally clear and weather and visibilty are good) but so often I see young riders on bigger sports bikes fly past and more often than not here squeals of brakes as they havent got the self control or awareness about them that they need. Anyway rant over
  8. It was the previous owner who got the motad system. he paid £600 for the full system but im unsure where he got it from sorry. Quick note: just been on intobikes.co.uk and they do the full system for £385.40 inc VAT.
  9. Cheers Guys, took the bike to bits this morning and think I've located the problem, also found out why it was making my garage smell of petrol. Stupid tap seemed to have a small leak in it and the reserve tube wasnt fully connected. Ah well at least this explains the problem and i'm glad to see im not the only one who had a problem with the reserve tank. Again thanks for all the help. rob
  10. I also own an xj600n and the previous owner had the same problem, he found it to be a small hole in the down pipe of the exhaust and ended up replacing the full thing with a motard system which has made the bike sound awesome and improved the looks tremendously
  11. Hi, Just brought a 1995 XJ600n as my first big bike after passing my Direct access. unfortunatly it didnt come with a manual and been having trouble locating one. Anyway my problem was that the other day I ran out of fuel on it, and found to my error that i hadnt any reserve tank on it. Can any one help by telling me with position i turn my fuel switch to for off, main tank and reserve. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers from rob
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