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  1. it's difficult to see from the bunch of cables which one is connected to the rev counter but will take the console apart soon and try and get further with the multimeter
  2. multimeter shows 18.5v across the terminals of battery at 5000 revs, so this must mean a new reg required.., the red wire connected to the rectifier also shows 18.5v. Still can't get the revcounter to work, the light on the console which shows that the indictator is flashing also fails although all else working, maybe a bulb , but does anyone know what the rev counter is connected to that may have stopped it from working? eg a relay or coil ( am not that technical)
  3. thanks for the advice people, bought a volt meter and trace a faulty wire/connection to the indicator so that is fixed now. Still can't get the rev counter to work so will investigate this further. will measure the input to the battery to see if too much charge going into it and should replace the reg/rec
  4. subsequent to the battery running dry and over heating all bulbs on the bike blew apart from headlight and the rev counter stopped. Have replaced battery and all bulbs and now only the right hand front flasher fails and the rev counter and the right hand flash light on the console. Condition of indicator is good. Checked the litle bulb in the instrument console and looks ok. Right hand rear flashes fine but fast, left side perfect. Any ideas as due MOT. Also i understand rev counter not needed for mot but if i take off all the indicators i have to disconnect headlight and tail lamps, is this t
  5. and the above topic refers to the REAR wheel
  6. hello there! i am fitting two xj600 1990 wheels (different colour..black as opposed to all silver) onto my 1989 xj600. the rear wheels goes in but when i tighten the axle with just a little torque, it stops spinning freely, ie sticks and i can hardly push it. is there something i might be missing? eg are the wheels compatible size wise. in all other respects they seems identical, although the chain/alignment adjusters took some squeezing in.. if i don't tighten the axle nut it spins ok. am thinking spacer maybe, there is one on the left side, the right side hooks into the rear brake ar
  7. Thanks Paul, your advice is much appreciated, will be giving it a go.
  8. It looks like there is no 'off' postion for the fuel tap , a first for me , guess that means I need to drain the tank somehow before removing it (for access to filters etc) , or am I on the wrong track?
  9. Thanks for the advice, I was experimenting with a ring spanner and it looked really awkward. Learn something new every day eh?
  10. Thanks - It's as I suspected then , a pain in the a*s , will be giving it a go with neta in place.
  11. Hi everyone , just joined. I have a '89 xj600 and want to change it's oil/filter , however the 4 into 1 neta exhaust seems to partially block access to the drain plug.... does one normally have to remove the system or can it be drained without doing this? Thanks in advance
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