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  1. forgot to mention... big issue sellers. "got any spare change" beggars. bastards!. scousers. trafic wardens. taiwanese pistons. bus drivers. cheng shin tyres. young kids in the parts dept. that think nothing existed before the R1 and R6. shopping with women. christmas jumpers. nosey neighbours.
  2. chavs, especially those with big loop ear rings. billy bullshi***rs. without bikes. bmw drivers. (scum). vauxall nova drivers. (bigger scum). scousers. taxi drivers. warm guinness. text messages. sales men. should be shot. twice. politicians. anne robinson. plastic faced old boot.(and shes a scouser). boy bands. girl bands. whitney houston.
  3. you dont know him that well. keep an eye on new members joining after the date he was banned. you will be able to pick up on his unique "style" of knowledgeable biking anecdotes. reminds me of "ritchie rich" from filthy rich and catflap.
  4. LMFAO. jmw. the school spoon. billy no mates. less popular than the ginger kids!!!!!
  5. wadda ya mean ??? full of maggots ?
  6. i take it he is now a "banned bikeless bullshitting buffoon".
  7. well said that man. weve got enough shit to sling at him without resorting to his level of insults. (ie:paedophile slurs).
  8. the TDR man

    Big Wave

    probably because she couldnt afford the full "£1100 for a month in hell".
  9. the TDR man

    Big Wave

    caught out again. what a beauty. probably had their own plane, cause if there mates of jmw, they must be millionaires. liar liar, pants on fire. oh yes indeedy.
  10. aye. and its knee deep in bullshit.
  11. hey fatty, i thought youd have included a picture of that old restamped nail of yours in that reply.
  12. yeah, but jmw has no mates, or bikes.
  13. what have i been telling you ????? jmw. all filler, no killer.
  14. the TDR man

    Dear moderators

    bikeless bullshitting bufoon/bastard/bumboy. take yer pick. rayjay, you have been found out.
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