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  1. ltdave

    XJ550 noise

    welcome... yes it might be timing chain or valve train... first things first: where are you located? how many miles on the bike? are there any maintenance records? its entirely possible that the valves need to have the clearance checked and re-shimmed. there is also a procedure for adjusting the chain tension (i dont know it off hand)... enjoy that max. ive got one myself...
  2. ltdave

    Who Insures you?

    $118 of my $185 annual liability insurance on my xj900rk (83 yamaha 900 seca) goes to catastrophic medical coverage here in michigan... i only paid about $25 a month in oklahoma on my xj550h, 91-93 (26-27yr old single with MSF basic and ERC, along with my cy endorsement) this is through State Farm Mutual (you have to have their 'regular' insurance for 3yrs with no incidents before you can get their preferential rates in the mutual company... Progressive, GEICO and a couple of other motorcycle insurance companies couldnt match State Farm...
  3. factory settings were 2-3/4 turns from fully seated (closed)... if they are NOT original sized jets, then the procedure is to close them all and start with #1. if you suspect it is too large, then start with it nearly closed. crank the starter while slowly turning the mixture screw out. once it starts and runs, then add #2, then 3 and 4... after youve done all that and it continues to run, a color tune plug will help get a lot closer. another method for fine tuning is to do plug chops. get the engine up to operating temperature by running it on the street, come back to the garage, rev the engine up to several thousand steady RPM the hitting the kill switch while under throttle. pull the plugs (keep them in order) and give them a good look. clean white is lean, black sooty is rich. a light toasted marshmallow tan is just about right. if you want a little bit smoother ride you can run it slightly (VERY!) rich but according to another tuner, the razor edge of performance will be achieved by nearly too lean. it will give you good engine braking when you close the throttle... MAKE SURE your valves are properly shimmed and the carbs are bench sync'd before starting...
  4. ltdave

    UK dealers

    ya know, i just havent got a clue as to what youre trying to say. lol what i want is an XJR1300. can you get one at an 'independant' dealer? i would think that only a franchisee would sell new bikes. maybe i didnt express clearly that i wanted a new bike and not a used one... im going to check out the guy posted in one of the replies. thanks
  5. Babbitts Sports Center in michigan... some pretty obscure parts available there...
  6. ltdave

    UK dealers

    greetings to all... this is what im looking for: a need a dealer name and or addresses for dealers in the UK. i have a terrible yearning for an XJR1300 and as we all know they arent sold here in the states... WHY, i dont know. what i DO know is that ive got a friend in the shipping business and ive got contacts and info for bringing one in. what i DONT know is any dealers where i might get a price... i checked on the price in Denmark (my wife is Danish and we go there semi-regularly) and got a price of 129,998.00DKK which converts to just shy of $25,000. im not paying that for a standard, no way no how... if i had a dealer i could get some pricing in a less taxing country. Denmark generally tacks on 100% in sales taxes to all motor vehicles so i assume they run about $12k but dont have anything concrete... thanks
  7. 550Rs are absolutely beautiful the way they are... i wouldnt change a thing if it was mine... im a member over at another XJ forum (if youre interested i can pass that info on) and theres chaps all over the world on board there... we have a member whos got just about every part you may need to restore that to factory new... great looking bike. one thing i noticed is that the Seca model in the state had straight spoke wheels while the Maxim had the swirly spokes... again, great looking bike...
  8. but whats that got to do with moving a bike in order to store two corpses of women who happened to be prostitutes in a garage?
  9. yeah, must be a Brit thing....
  10. nice bike but i kind of liked the wheels blue...
  11. not sure how it works overseas where you guys are but most shops in the states wont look at a bike let alone work on it if its more than 5-6 years old... i ride an 81 xj550 (maxim) an 82 xj750R (seca) and ive got an 83 xj900R (seca) im getting repaired at a little independent shop that specializes in older bikes... some guys are just hacks and i guess its our responsibility to weed them out...
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