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  1. If I may chime in... I own a YBR and commute 60 miles a day on it, 4 days a week. The engine and gearbox/clutch share the same oil and some people report that changing the oil sometimes fixes gearing issues. I've personally found that it slips out of gear quite rarely, but a little more so after a few thousand miles when the oil change is due. Also, if you haven't already, check your oil level. A short ride means the engine doesn't get up to temperature so things may be a bit sticky inside. You'd also get various deposits building up from condensation etc. A good 30 mile run will burn all the rubbish out nicely. Also be firm with gear changes. Pull the lever right up with your foot swiftly. Good luck with it.
  2. Hey folks, I'm a hardened commuter cyclist of 8 years but I decided I needed more range and power so I took my CBT and the rest, they say, is history... I've been riding my shiny new (well second hand with 500 miles on the clock) black 2005 YBR125 around for a few weeks now. Thoroughly enjoying it but on the fast A roads at around 50-60mph I'm getting battered by the wind and the bike is feeling a little unstable. From what I've read I could really benefit with a fly screen but alas I can't find one to buy anywhere! Does anyone know where I can get one or if indeed they have one for sale? Are there any compatible screens out their either? Warm regards, Neil.
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