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  1. goldinr

    2001 R1 handling

    Welcome back to motorcycling! I'm now on my second R1 The first was an 03 (first of the injected ones, Black frame). Loved it so much and put truck loads of miles on it, so part exchanged it against a new one last June. Styling, performance, and handling are fantastic not to mention the awesome R1 brakes. Riding into a corner too quick! Just look through the bend and she'll go there. Riding around town isn't that great, wrists will tell you when it's time to go home. On twisty open roads, feel the adrenalin kick in. The harder you ride the R1, the better it gets! but don't get too complacent because they can bite you back. Definately worth investing in a good steering damper. Cornering is improved and more stable and you'll find that you can start to lay the power on earlier through roundabouts and out of corners. Only other thing I'de recommend is a pair of Pirelli Diablo Corsa's. Stick like you know what to a blanket. Other than that, enjoy the R1. Paracetemol might be useful to dull the ache from the constant grin you'll have! Rob.......
  2. This is what they do in Le mans every year. From Friday night, 24 hours a day through til the Sunday night. Guaranteed no sleep, but I'll be there again this year. Le Mans 24hr Moto is the weekend of the 21st and 22nd April if anyone else is interested in going! As regards the video. I don't understand the upset. It is after all only an old Gixxer! Nothing but Yam will do!
  3. goldinr

    1999 sponsorship

    Sorry to burst your bubble Section8. Yamaha featured in various competitions a lot earlier than 2003. Yamaha as a team were riding in the WSB back in 1995 and Yamaha engines ( OWO1 ) were used in Bimotas even further back (1988) which is when WSB was born, first round being at Donnington. Steviebaby, Given that Nori Haga was the lead rider for Yamaha in WSB in 99 and the fact that the Haga rep featured looks so damn good. I know what I would do!
  4. goldinr

    FZR to R1

    Hi, a while back I went from my old YZF750r to an 03 model R1, (black frame, first of the injected) and absolutely loved it! The Fzr and yzf aren't too dissimilar, so jumping onto an R1 you will notice significant improvements. Power, delivery, handling etc. Choose your tires wisely though!. I personally rate the Pirelli Diablo's. On my 03 R1 I had a straight Diablo on the rear and a Diablo Corsa on the front. Gave me the best of both worlds, excellent grip and reasonable mileage. When riding an R1, head for that corner and just look through it. You don't need to do a thing, the bike just goes there. Any way I could go on for ages but to give you a clue, I ride purely for pleasure, Tuesday and Thursday nights plus Sunday mornings with a group. I don't commute or use my bikes for any business mileage and managed to stick 13,000 miles on that R1 in 11 months, just didn't want to get off of it. So So inlove with the R1, I bought myself a new one, The 06 50th anniversary Kenny Roberts replica (Extreme Yellow) and it's even better than the first one I had. Handling is amazing and once I got used to the Pilot Powers that were fitted as standard, every corner is superb, (they turn in a bit quick compared to Diablo's). Power will blow you away, 175BHP at 12,500 rpm but unlike the GSXR, it is controlable and a smooth delivery. I have now fitted a BMC airfilter, Akropovic de-cat pipe and Power commander3 USB to mine and she takes off like a rocket. You will not be dissappointed with the R1, but it might take you a little while to really get to grips with it. They can and do bite if you go at it too hard, too soon. As for the 07 R1, too early to know yet. Handling, power etc will be awesome. Only thing is that they are now using a V-TEC engine. Yamaha say they have it sorted and service time will be no longer than a standard service. When Honda did the same to the VFR, it quadrupled the service time, so might be worth speaking to a reliable Yam dealer. Keys Brothers in Worthing are diamonds and will be totally honest with you. Anyway, best of luck and enjoy your R1 when you get it. Might find your jaw aches from the constant grinning though! Rob......
  5. Just seen your message and although I've missed Hastings this year, I've been quite a few times before, so not too heart broken. Reason I'm replying is that I live in Sompting and ride out every Tuesday and Thursday evening as well as Sunday morning with a group from all over west and east sussex. We meet up at the Jack and Jill pub near Pyecombe at 7:30pm on Tuesdays and at the old Q8 now BP garage at Patcham, north of Brighton at 7:30pm on Thursdays. Failing that we meet up for breaky at the Chalet in between Henfield and Cowfold at 8-8:30ish am on Sundays. Maybe see you there? Rob....... p.s. All different riding abilities, so no one gets left behind. Quite a well organised group that I've known for about 5 yrs now.
  6. Hi, The only one I know of meet up at Alton and I think it's on a Wednesday night. Not been myself as I ride with a group out of West Sussex and Brighton. I'll ask them tonight if they know of any in your neck of the woods. Rob.........
  7. goldinr

    R1 front calipers

    Bob, They Fazer thou uses the same engine as the R1 only it is de-tuned. I suggest ringing you local Yam dealer and ask them if the part no's are the same. As you know differnet model bikes use common parts as I found on my Yzf750 and the XJR1300sp when I owned one! Regards Rob.......
  8. Look at the rear of the carbs where the air comes in from the air box and filter. These are the trumpets. Rob.........
  9. goldinr

    2005 R1 Exhaust

    Hi and welcome, trouble is that which ever exhaust you put on, you will only gain 5-6 bhp increase without spending shed loads of money. On a bike thats only 50-60 brake you will get a noticable difference. However, yours is a ball bustin 175 brake as standard. Yoshi's look great as do blue flame. The blue flame would probably be my choice as they have a great sound to them. Two of the guys I ride with have them and they are nothing but horny, the cans that is! Money being no object then a full Yoshi system with a power commander III. Good luck and enjoy the R1 as I do mine! Rob........
  10. Oh Tom, [email protected] so so tempted by Kirsty but after much deliberation / dribbling it has to be Kiera
  11. Happy Birthday Baz. Did you unwrap Milla Jovovich this morning? Well, before you woke up anyway! Have a good one Rob..............
  12. goldinr

    Need Help

    Hi Chris and welcome. I had the same problem with my 03 model so took it to my local yam dealer, who is really helpful and he changed it for me but I can't remember quite how. I'll try and find out again for you. I know you turn the ignition on and as it goes through the diagnostic self test you hit 1 or 2 buttons below the speedo. It is a step through menu so you have to go through all of the setting to get to the one you want, make your changes and carry on to the end of the menu. If you stop and only do the rev limiter light and switch the ignition off, you won't of changed anything. Leave it with me and I'll get back to you. The other good thing is that you can adjust the brightness of that light which when riding at night is like having someone shine an interrogation lamp in you face. regards Rob..........
  13. Love it! spot on cidered. Rob
  14. Sod the bike, Just jump and do us all a favour!
  15. goldinr

    F***king Ice!

    Eddy and Vin! It must be difficult to type anything nice when your plugging each others "Homeboy" butts! You are as your avatar "FULL OF SHIT!!!!"
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