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  1. thats easy after a viagra 7ton anything will be quick,lol only jokin. no realy if your new to sports bikes the r6 is plenty yes plenty enough fun,enjoy,
  2. hi pal,had one before which i modified an old blade hugger to fit(17inch) which looked well but now in the process of getting a universal one for my xtz which should do the same but easier fitted,hope that helps
  3. for me about 15 quid isnt bad to stop ya on 600 fairly quick with the front brake,any cheaper and you should be makin the things urself,im baffled
  4. for sure mate bedtime been up all night my right hand is sore
  5. jesus pads disintegrate? well i never heard of it ever happen, unless ur a rossi type rider and bike mate there all the same yes even the track/road racers use nothing special that ur local dealer has in stock
  6. my favorite a can of WD40 r similar clean the carb and lube the cable,been laid up so expect a cable too snap,id snap after 16 yrs if ya bent me in half,lol i would change all lubes and not top up, whats the plug like?should it be time for a rebuild?,get some heat into garage! i love restoring old bikes can ya tell
  7. any opinions on the fork gaiters? none at all r new black ones?
  8. lol thanks,yeh new i had a cpl of brain cells left, went for a beer happy now
  9. that one worked,i was useing the drop down box ffs
  10. feck i need a drink below is wat im seeing Post Options * Enable emoticons? * Enable signature? * Enable email notification of replies? Edit Options * Add the 'Edit by' line in this post? Post icon * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * [ Use None ] Click to configure post options
  11. Post Options * Enable emoticons? * Enable signature? * You are currently receiving email notification of replies * Post icon and a few smilys is all when i click that??????
  12. cant see that option,just post options and icons.
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