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    xs650 us / bsa a10 / tri t140 chop in bits[allmost ther]

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    old brit bikes but all sorts off bikes interest me . the great offley bike show /good guinness .
  1. hope u win or is that [woof woof woof]in dog .good luck . y av good frends. beza [joe]
  2. hi jeepurs howes the farming as wet as it is here[ i hope not ].cheers for reply i have a honda light on it at present .soall the xs ones will fit its just that xs650 bits sell for more and look the same as the others we lern more every day . all the best beza . ps: it may rian alot but it dont stop play.
  3. will the headlight/ spedo/rev off other xs models fit the 650 us/cust its a s reg can somone help [some muppet smashed mine 4 fun]all the best beza
  4. o yes do i . i still use it on my old a10 and the mrs .and they both og like hell all d best beza
  5. good stuff keep it up at about the red line and youll do well have fun. your in good hands i hope all the best beza
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