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  1. R6Jools

    08 R6 Questions

    The blank plates are usually listed on eBay, but just done a quick search and can't see any.
  2. R6Jools

    YZFR1 2008 baffles

    Yes you can................ If you look on fleabay you'll find the endcap kit, my mate paid about £40-60 for them. You do have to cut the end off your stock cans then repack and rivet the new caps onto your now shorter cans. Ends up stupidly loud tho!
  3. Been to Oradour? Very sobering place........... http://www.oradour.info/
  4. Seems to be a Michelin trait. I used to run the 2CT's and Pilot Sport Cups on my old Monster 900, and found that both would spin up quite easy when worn. Though they did slide with a really progressive feel though, and i quite enjoyed going through corners sideways like McCoy!!
  5. My top five in no order: 1- TZR125 - First road bike. 2- OWO1 - Still makes me dribble like a spotty teen with bumfluff. 3 - R7 - Needs no explanation................. 4 - TZR250 Reverse cylinder - For the simple reason of fond memories of the early 90's 5 - 08/09 R6 - Sheer beauty!!!!
  6. R6Jools

    Jools' R6

    Photo's of my R6
  7. R6Jools

    08 R6 Questions

    Hehehe. Did that to my 08 reg. Pads not available as a separate part, i called Yamaha UK The only way to fit a red pad to the white cover is to buy a black/red and a white/black cover and swap the pads, then put the black cover with black pad on eBay!!!! Does anyone do a non backrest seat cover for the 08 model???
  8. R6Jools

    08 R6 Questions

    All I've done is use the supplied sticky pads, then cut a 2" wide slice from an old car wash sponge ( ) to fill the space above and stop them vibrating loose. If you've used velcro it'll be too thick, is it?
  9. R6Jools

    08 R6 Questions

    local Yamaha Dealer........Infinity at Clapham. Its just the Genuine Yam part, £120.
  10. R6Jools

    08 R6 Questions

    Here's a pic of the plates fitted to an '08 model!!
  11. R6Jools

    08 R6 Questions

    Just got back from ride and still in place thanks. Tho having seen you're post i cut two cubes of foam to pack the space above! Bit dark now, so gonna take a few pics to post tomorrow.
  12. R6Jools

    08 R6 Questions

    Woohoo!! Cheers for the heads up on these Goldy. They arrived yesterday, so will be sticking 'em on tomorrow. Will have to post a few pics of the MkII once they're on.
  13. You need to check if your bike has the YISS immobilizer installed. If so, a cut key will not work, as there is no transponder chip fitted in it, you need to contact Yamaha with the key number, (on the little metal tag if you have it) for replacements. The red key is to reprogram the YISS, usually only needed after disconnecting the ECU or battery. If the Yamaha system is anything like the Ducati one, if you loose the red key you will need a new ECU, and a second mortgage to pay for it!
  14. Its actually a fairly big job to fit any tail tidy to an '08 R6, allow at least an hour, 2 cups of tea, 4 fags and a skinned knuckle or two!! First remove both seats, then the top shell of the tail, 6 plastic rivets and 1 allen bolt. (To remove the rivet type clips, push in the center till it clicks then just lift out the whole clip. (to refit, push the center back up two clicks so it sticks out the top, refit and push the center flush to lock)) remove the cowling around the rider seat, 4 plastic 1/4 turn screw type clips, 2 plastic rivets underneath at front and 4 screws underneath. remove alloy plate, 4 screws. remove pillion seat lock bar, 2 allen bolts and R clip (pay attention to how the spring is seated and make sure not to loose the white nylon shim under the bracket) unclip the ECU from the tray, then release the 1 large black clip underneath (use a flat screwdriver to slide under center of clip, there are 2 cut outs for this, and pry up center to release then lift out) this finally releases the black tray (enough) to access the 4 bolts holding on the number plate bracket!!! then you've just gotta refit it all in reverse. Have fun!! ps. I'm in sw london, if you fancy a ride out sometime PM me!
  15. R6Jools

    Stolen 08 R6

    Some thieving scumbags stole my pride and joy last night 21/22-08-08. '08 R6 Red/White Quite distinctive as i fitted Genuine Yamaha parts white tail plastics in place of matt black and pillion cover in white with black pad. Also R&G Titanium colour tail tidy, R&G swingarm spools, Acrapovic megaphone, Yamaha tinted double bubble screen. I know its a long shot but if anyone sees it or has any info, let me know!!
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