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  1. Sorry Billy, both were sold a long time ago. Forgot to update list!! Thanx Micky
  2. No problem mate. Glad to hear it All I've gotta do now is get rid of the rest of the bits Thought they'd have gone a bit quicker on here. But, not to worry. If they don't sell, the scrap man'll get 'em Thanx Micky
  3. Hi webby, Price of the shocker is £35, as stated above. Postage, no idea! But, if you send me your address details I will try and sort a price for you. Just send your details via one of the ways at the bottom of my listing, and I will see what price I can find, once I weigh it to see how heavy it is!!! Thanx Micky
  4. Do NOT PM me on here as I don't come on very much!! If you want info/pics please EMAIL or PHONE If it's NOT LISTED I ain't got it, so don't ask!! I need to get rid of this lot, I need the space, so the first £100, can take it all - (13/08/2010) I have a lot of Yamaha FZR 600 GENESIS 3HE parts to go. The list includes: FRAME - with V5 SOLD ENGINE - needs oil filter. Only done approx 18500 miles (will not break engine) SOLD FORKS - incl Spindle + Speedo drive SOLD SWING ARM - incl Chain Adjusters + spindle £25 YOKES - Complete, upper and lower + Ignition and key £40 CARBS - tuned (Stage 3) SOLD REAR SHOCK - almost like New SOLD IGNITION COILS - complete set £25 HANDLE BARS - Throttle incl R/H Switch gear £20 FRONT BRAKES - both Callipers with almost New pads + Goodridge Hoses £50 WIRING HARNESS - Complete £40 END CAN - Viper £50 INDICATORS - Complete set, Front are Flush Mount £15 FRONT WHEELS - x2, One with discs £35(with Discs) & £20 SIDE PANELS - x2 Black, One has slight surface scratch marks SOLD REAR HUGGERS - x2 not sure what they're off, but can be made to fit, EASILY £20 the pair These are also to go - Both Seats- £20, another Throttle - £15, Rear Calliper - £20, Rear Brake Pedal - £10, Rear Reservoir - £10, Foot Hangers - £15, Set of Clocks - £15, Fuel Pump - £35, Rear Light - £10, Gear Linkage - £10, Heel Plates - £12, and Small Twin Headlight Unit, (NOT FZR) - £10. All Parts were bought with the intention of building an FZR Street Fighter over the winter. But, weather, health, and other things have prevented me from making a start. So, its now time to empty the garage Pictures of ALL parts are available. All sold as seen. But, all parts are good condition, and working as necessary. Must go as giving up on Bikes and need the space. For more info, please call me on 07941888270 any day/night up to 00:30, or 0191 5368472 other times. If No answer on one, try the other, or leave Name and Number (Land Line), and I will return call ASAP. Mobile is probably the best to try at any time. The price listed is the price for each item. Should you want the lot, make me a reasonable offer. ALL PRICES ARE PLUS POSTAGE, IT IS NOT INCLUDED. BUYER COLLECTS AND PAYS CASH ON COLLECTION. Or I will post, but some of the items will NOT be cheap! And I will leave it up to the Buyer to sort their own Courier etc Email, Text or Phone. [email protected] 07941888270 any time Micky
  5. micky1stop


    Not Long had this one.
  6. micky1stop

    My CBR600's

    The CBR's I've owned.
  7. don't have one!!!!

    1. XJ900fTrike


      Dear Mick My xj900f also had wobbles as well.


      IMG0070A.jpg.2ede98783aad2f98ee5259b58672bb14.jpg from solo to trike which also changes the geometry.

      So I fitted a steering damper  This works really well

      Plus you can tighten the head stook a little But best jack the bike up so you dont over tighten Then only good in straight lines  lol  

  8. micky1stop


    Hi JD, thanx for that mate. Ok in the picture it may have a lot on board. But, even naked it still wobbles, ok not so severely!! What sort of tyres would you recommend? Thanx Micky
  9. micky1stop


    Hi All, I've had my 900F for just over 2 years, bought it off 'SillyBay', for £400 after she had stood unused for 2 years. Got her home on the Saturday, had a quick look over it on Sunday, put it in for an MOT on Monday, just needed fork seals and front wheel bearings. Got her back on the Tuesday, and we where off to the Rock n Blues Rally on the Thursday, 2's up and fully loaded, see pic below. She sailed there and back with no problems at all, except a bit of a wobble at slow speed's! Since then she has only let me down the once! That was through the winter last year, I'd been out for a ride when the heavens above dropped their contents on me for about 3 hours. Just wouldn't stop. When I got home I just shoved her in the garage, and didn't use it again for about 5 or 6 days. When I did get her out, she just wouldn't start, ended up with a Bat Flattery!! But, while charging battery, I cleaned her down, checked the plugs etc, and once back together, she started up first time, deep sigh of relieve I find mine very comfy too, and seems as though she will plod along forever. As mentioned above, I do have a slight wobble on the front end when going slow, especially with luggage on the back, or the Missus! Not quite sure what is causing it! I think my Left Hand Front Disc is slightly warped, could it be this??!! Mine does have a high mileage of approx 92000, but as said if I can sort this wobble, any advice/ideas would be helpful, I will be well happy As said in posts above, these are great bikes, and should be enjoyed. Thanx Micky
  10. Hi keithy I have an XJ900F 'K' reg '92 model. And mine does a similar thing! But, on mine it is more at slower speeds, ie riding thru traffic, going rond bends slowly etc etc. I too have had various people look her over, and nothing was found to be wrong! At her last MOT she had new front wheel bearings fitted, that was about 6 months ago. That didn't solve the problem neither!!! It is obviously a lot worse when two's up and loaded for a rally, can hardly make it through traffic jams without putting feet down and walking!! And with rally season just about to start for us, it would be very much appreciated if, as you say, anyone has any idea's Cheers Micky
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