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    1999 Yamaha 250 Zeal (Lisa's) and 1992 Yamaha 1100 Virago (Andy's)

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    Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
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    Cruising the Bay on our bikes! Blessed with perfect biking weather here!
  1. Lisandy

    Yamaha Zeal 1999

    Oh and ... the Zeal is the Japo model .. as it is a Jap import via Australia , anyone know what they're called new down under?? Cheers, L
  2. Lisandy

    Yamaha Zeal 1999

    Hi everyone I am the proud new owner of a 1999 Yamaha Zeal - first bike ever and I love it! Learning slowly and trying to build up confidence but this bike is way to easy to go fast on!! I wondered if there was anyone else out there with a Zeal? Bike didn't come with handbook so would be interested in picking brains for any maintenance issues, like does the seat come off to access battery and if so, how?? Look forward to hearing from you fellow bikers, far and wide!! Cheers Lisa
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