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  1. Well ok I guess I won't post any pictures. not a big fan of social websites like facebook, my space and photobucket. thanks anyways
  2. how do you upload pictures for an album? it keeps asking for an HTTP:// address or tells me I do not have permission
  3. not sure how to upload pictures for an album i see a button to add a link yo my pictures as awebsite. but they are on my hard drive not the net.
  4. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...E:IT&ih=015 I hope someone can use this
  5. had the same problem . PO had left the choke on and backed off the idle speed screw . as soon as I set idle I turned the choke on full and bang pop, then it started now its runs great . Idle speed should be 1200 rpms warmed up. yes clean the carbs
  6. smgordon1259


    Check the Idle speed screw on the carb . had the same problem on my xs400j , i turned the screw and she started up fine and run great with out the choke after it warned up
  7. Remember Murphys law. Don't rush to finish , do it right take your time. attack it at all angles. I have found in the many projects I have going that nothing is ever an easy fix.waiting for the weather to break so I can get started on my1982 xs400j. during the winter I have bought manuals repair and owners. cleaned and sanded the fenders and tank now they are ready to paint. now the task of wiring and trouble shooting the electrical system ( no spark issues.). I have learned more from reading the manuals and paying attention to message board forums . I need 1 more piece to complete the body work make that 2 going to dump the insect looking fairing and find a 7" headlamp and bucket and the upper battery cover . if all else fails i will just find a stock headlamp and include fogs.
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