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  1. an2ony

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    Hi, I am new here! I live in the West Midlands and have just finished running in my new black 08 R6R. I hope I can make a positive contribution to this forum.
  2. Hello all, I want to fit a Yoshi slip on can to my 08 R6R, It looks like I have got to ditch the exup valve cables, if I do this how will it affect the bike? and do I have to loose the exup motor as well? your help and advice will be appreciated. Regards, Anthony
  3. Hello to all in this forum. I have just got back in the saddle after a 4yr break whilst my wife had our children, yesterday I purchased a 2005 YZF R6 which I cannot wait to get on the road. Do you think I should have refresher lesson before I get back on the road? I live in the West Midlands and would like to attend local meets or ride outs, any ideas? I look forward to your advise... Anthony.
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