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  1. http://www.oldcleecustom.co.uk/acatalog/co..._of_Yamaha.html Try this one its £280 still steep but sub £300
  2. Cheapest one i could find was £373 and that was over a year ago, it was a nice polished stainless one.
  3. Keli, Try this site they do lots of replacement Virago parts. http://shop.wemoto.com/index.dyn?oid=2147911
  4. If you can see through the fog and rain yes we have the views, saying that i would swop them sometimes for just a few decent weeks of nice weather. It was 4 degrees this morning on the way through to work, so much for spring and global warming. Hope its better tomorrow as i will have the bike instead of the tin box.
  5. Weather up here usually means Sun, Wind, Rain, Snow, Rain, Wind, Rain oh and Snow again and thats just the first hour of riding from the house.
  6. Serpent1uk


    I know that feeling, my bike went through its mot with minor points. Just pulling away from the garage when mine pinged at least it wasnt as i pulled away from a junction like i did on my old zzr. Its amazing how quickly you can get your feet back on the ground.
  7. Serpent1uk


    I bought similar levers off ebay about a year ago and mines are still fine and thats holding up against the scottish weather.
  8. Lights, steering, kick the tyres, check indicators and i usually check my brakes as well just to make sure they are working for the numpty car drivers to see the lights.
  9. Acording to the website they only fit pre 90 models, damn mines is 3 years out. HAs anyone ever fitted one of these to a more modern bike?
  10. Im a wee bit heavier than that and my 535 sits comfortably at 75 and has reached the blinding spped of 87 downhill and downwind, might have got more but ran out of dual carridgeway. The bike sat in my mates garage for a long time and when i got it it was running like a pig, would not get above 55. Fitted new carb diaphrams and fitted a dyno kit, now its running so smooth.
  11. Can i fit a larger tank from say a 750 or 1100 virago onto my 535 as i am fed up stopping every 90 miles to fill her up
  12. Thanks Pioneer but i got a nice new copy off ebay for a couple of quid, (hopefully never to be opened again )
  13. Serpent1uk


    Hi Folks, Just a quick note to introduce myself as a new member to the Yamaha Owners Club. I am just getting back into biking after a 10 year layoff so i decided not to buy a pocket rocket and to go for something more sedate and bought myself a Virago 535s, now all i am looking forward to is some decent days so i can go riding. Unfortunately here in sunny scotland those days can be few and far between so a lot of cleaning after rides will have to done (oh well the joys of biking). Safe Riding folks John
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