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  1. I`m back, not that anyone would remember from 2008. just been on to update the profile and guess what, I can be in one of 100`s of different countries, some as obscure as the vatican city, including Wales and Scotland, which is all good, BUT..................... WHERE IS ENGAND???????? And before any one says we can use United Kingdom, so could the Scots and the Welsh. What`s good for the goose an all that. Cheers DR.
  2. This has probably been done to death on here, but I am pulling my hair out. I have a 2008 XT125X with OIL insp warning up on the dash. It is all running fine with new oil and a recent strip and clean of pretty much everything, and is now ready to put back on the road. how do I clear the message. there are NO "mode" or "set" buttons to push or hold, there is no"blue button" as have been mentioned in the past. Please Help! Thanks in advance. DR.
  3. 0.78p per year for parking doesn`t sound too bad (15/7d to you), but the principle is more valuable! sounds like an "I`ll see you in court" job to me. It will be a right bun fight when two council departments have to stand up and give evidence against each other, not to mention the front page story in the local paper. Go for it, you know it makes sense.
  4. R1evad


    Bych 91, chech your car licence for provisional entitlement, new car licences do not automatically have motorcycle provisional entitlement, and those that do sometimes "loose" it when you pass the car test. read your paper counterpart carefully. I know some FULL bike licence holders that have recently passed a car test, only to find their full A licence records have been overwritten by the car pass.
  5. "They all do that sir...." Only try little dan¬idea if you like plane spotting, coz if you like doing 45 in first you will definitely be monowheeling with that gearing. (mind you most R1s with standard gearing are good for 90+ in first) Mind you he may well be right about the cush drive. Stick her up on a paddock stand and with the bike in first rock yhe back wheel sharply to and fro and see how much slack there is in the rear chain carrier. If you can detect ANY movement between carrier and rear wheel hub, you need new cush rubbers. also see if there is any slack or clonking at the
  6. OOPs, although they host BSB and other bike racing here, it seems all the training and stuff is CAR and KART based...........Sorry you will be needing to try http://search.bikers-engine.com/directory/...ls/Road_Racing/
  7. your nearest national level race track is likely THRUXTON, just off the A303 near Baisingstoke. Contact the circuit direct, they will be able to tell you who is based there. ThruxtonRacing.co.uk
  8. So the moral of the story is, move to Lancashire, and take up boxing...........Was going to continue, but getting too political as it is!
  9. BEFORE YOU TRY AND FIND THE LEAK, MAKE SURE YOUR OIL IS UP TO THE MARK If it has been leaking a while you may be too low! You need to thoroughly clean the whole engine, with the faring off, then run it up and get it hot. (if you use spray brake cleaner it will degrease the casings and show the source as a greasy patch) we do this all the time in the hydraulics industry and it works a treat. If left boot getting wet, then might try looking seriously at the gear lever shaft where it comes out through the casing. or even the engine oil filter. keep cleaning and looking, you wil
  10. So long as you keep it regulated and only use the approved oil they can extend chain and sprocket life no end. You need to be doing a fair bit of mileage to make them earn their keep though, and cleaning the excess oil of your boots, body work back wheel and most importantly back tyre, but, as they say, no pain, no gain!
  11. R1evad

    Pending Marriage

    Oh, I just ended up with the younger sister!! and no big family to buy Christmas presents for :lol:
  12. R1evad

    spray it baby!

    have you thought about doing it just in black and adding your white red, whatever in signwriting vinyl? if you get fed up with it, you can change the whole look of a bike in a weekend, with some number boards and sponsers graphics etc, or go for an oem replica kit from another contry, so it looks factory, but not run of the mill. Go carefull and your paint and laquer will last ages, but you can vary the look to suit your current whim.
  13. R1evad

    dk motorcycles

    buy the bike from DK, put £1000 in the bank for three years. if you have had no problems with it, you are one lucky sob with over a grand in the bank as a deposit on your next new bike! If you do have anything go wrong that the seller cannot (or will not) sort, you have a sinking fund. Parallels traditionally have lower 2nd hand resale values than officially imported bikes, but the longer you keep em the less impact it has, and by the time they are well used it has little if any effect on prices as condition and history are more an issue than how much it cost when new. ( or where it came fr
  14. sounds like you got on ok with the last rucksack, so why not just get another one? Unless you got a proper little rack on your bike, fixing stuff to the pillion can be restrictive when riding and you have the pain of securing and unstrapping etc each time you park up.
  15. Oakley MCC is doing a club run at a leasurely pace to Hunstanton on Saturday 6/9. (meeting near BEDFORD. Was planning on meeting the rest of the crew up there but wanting to get a bit more "progressive" . anyone about for a day at the seaside and a nice fish dinner?? Will fix a meet and have a blast out if your up for it.
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