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  1. No Problem from what I can see, and had the Mod done over a year ago.
  2. Hi Phil......They do look good, I also like the tank protector, The exhausts look good - I am thinking of Carbon as they will blend in with the black better I recon........but they do look sweet.
  3. Evening Folks. I am after a bit of advice - I am looking to change the twin exhaust on my FZ6 Fazer S2 07/08 Model for something a bit less plasticy looking and meatier sounding. The questions I have are : I am looking for a nice sound, LEGAL, and still within limits for track days.......Any recommendations (It is to go with a Black Fazer, so had thought about a carbon look, also not after something that will cost my arm and leg......need those to ride.) If changing the exhaust (and possible system, as stainless steel will weather winter better than the standard rust hungry effort) do I need to get a power commander or such like, if so, what recommendations. I am also presuming that if I do change the exhaust, etc. it will need tuned to cope with the changes, is this true ??? All help greatly appreciated and cheers very much in advance. Andy
  4. Hiya, Thanks for the advice. In the end the bike was in for something else so I just got the Dealer to do it for me - only cost £25 and was a lot less hassle than me trying to do it........ Cheers for now !
  5. k3nw00d

    Tyre Advice ?

    Alright Folks ! I am after a bit of advice on tyres. I have a Yamaha FZ6 Fazer S2 ABS with the following wheel sizes : Front - 120/70/17 Rear - 180/55/17 The tyres that came on it are Dunlop Sportmax D252 & D252F.........Are these tyres any good for all round weather / commuting etc. or is there something better that you guys/gals would recommend. I have been told that Michelin Road Pilot 2's are meant to be good but thought I would get the opinion of yourselves. I am basically after something for commuting in all weathers (not so much of the ice and snow though), so need something that is good in wet and dry. Also, do you know of any online shops for getting them slightly cheaper or is there somewhere else you can recommend ? All help greatly appreciated ! Cheers very much in advance.
  6. Hi, I have recently got a 2008 Model FZ6 Fazer S2 and was glad to hear you can convert the headlights as I would prefer both to be on dipped and then both on full when switched. I had a quick search on the site and can't find anything on how to do this. Anyone know where it is and any chance of a link to it. Cheers very much in advance
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