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  1. Hiya, I'm new to this forum and have tried to do a search on information on the YZF750R. I bought one for doing track days on and so far find it a great bike. However my second from last track day I had an off on it, its not too bad, the bike is still running (and running well) however I managed to completely mash the fairing and put a hoofing great dent in the tank. I've managed to get a second hand fairing from a chap on eBay and also bought a tank, however the tank that I bought is from a FZR1000 by the look of it. My question is can I get the FZR1000 tank to work on the YZF? The 2 tanks are roughly the same shape so it will physically fit however, the fuel pump and tap etc are completely different between the tanks, and the FZR tank doesn't have and internals, what do I need to get to make it work? Sorry if this is a bit of a waffle, hope you can help Catch ya later, Emma Telford.
  2. Depending what you needed to do to the bike to require a manual, the 400 is very similar to the same year 600 (I've had both). With the 400 being a Japanese grey import, finding a manual in English is almost impossible.
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