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  1. Ardon

    Message for JMW!

    lolololololololololololololololololo You guys can bang out some good humour stuff so why dont ya come over the Aleks BY and exersize it some more?????????:
  2. Ardon

    Message for JMW!

    JMW pushes matchbox cars up his arse on a Friday!
  3. Ardon

    Message for JMW!

    amigo enjoy the rayjay titainium imbrobability and flexing headstock drive! smile.....its only another forum ive gone and fucked! J
  4. Ardon

    How to keep Marchy busy

    I am getting very tired of his boredom!
  5. Ardon

    JMW it's official

    JMW - I can safely speak for the members of yamclub and Aleks in saying that we:
  6. Ardon

    Dear moderators

    hhahahahhahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  7. Ardon

    JMW it's official

    He's still a fucking slant eyed bastard and no-one can dispute that! He's fucked the Back Yard and now he has set his sights on the yamclub forum.! As Gavin has said................ Give the slant eyed shit an inch and he will take the entire forum! At first it was only the BY that was a risk but of late he has been a cunt in the General and in here! WE ALL HATE YOU JMW!.......................
  8. Ardon

    Jap bike sites...

  9. Ardon

    Big Wave

    Hey be sick on this joke JMW!!!!! Whats the latest anti-fat craze storming through Asia???? The 'swim fast' diet!! Sue me Giro!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........
  10. Our Tenko likes to use those sick terms! Its the only way he can get his limp dick to perk up a bit. How many people that voice that they hate you does it take before you finally get the fucking hint???????? What a wanker!
  11. WE ALL HATE HATE HATE YOU JMW!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Shut your fucking mouth about kiddy fiddlers you yellow slant eyes wanker! It ain t at all fucking funny you weak done fuck all! MODERATORS - ban JMW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Ardon

    Dear moderators

    Most of us had already known that Giro is a wanker.....but needed to be confirmed!! Giro you are an old bore trying to be young and hip while falltereing at the first hurdle..... Aleks hate you......yamclub hate you, acrd hate you - just fuck off you boring wanker!!!!!!!!!
  14. Ardon

    Big Wave

    Good point TDR lad........... He is pals with royalty, celebs and anyone who has ever done anything with their lives!!!! Full of shit comes to mind! Have you noticed that the mods dont mind folks flaming you in here????
  15. Come on JMW........ We all want to see pics off you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats up Tenko?...something to hide???
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