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  1. Goff

    gear change.

    She is a.....well she 5 months old Very rare colouring apparently
  2. Thats because you need to be a paid up member. Details of how to do this are HERE Please DO NOT post wanted and for sale ads outisde these forums - or they will be removed as per the sticky in those sections. Thanks
  3. Goff

    weres foamy

    He's gone into the RAF
  4. Goff

    gear change.

    I already have my own puppy thanks....
  5. Danger Mouse Rally Club's rally on 4th-6th September HERE
  6. Goff

    gear change.

    Get the grapes peeled and the boots licked........ might let you off slightly then.....
  7. Goff

    gear change.

    well you shouldn't be - unless you're crawling... but YOU gave the impression you were overtaking at speed! And just FYI - i used to own and Aprilia RS125 - so i know EXACTLY how 2 strokes work....... and i dont recall overtaking anyone in first......
  8. Goff

    gear change.

    You appear to have a problem with women riders..... I would quit with this "women riders" shit now if i were you.....
  9. Yeah i agree, but when you are trying to conduct research its not easy to ask the questions that EVERYONE can answer honey - i HATE doing research!!
  10. Goff

    Time to go?

    Just cos you sold yer Yam dont mean you have to go!! And THATS an order!!! Anyway I'd miss ya
  11. You cant please all of the people all of the time......
  12. Im gonna turn up on the gate with my girly mates - although after last years fiasco, we might head for Autumn NABD'ness instead,
  13. Goff

    gear change.

    From the sounds of the way you "ride" your bike.... i doubt that very much. The only women riders you're likely to overtake are the ones riding sidesaddle on bicycles
  14. Goff

    gear change.

    It CANNOT be done - you can put a close ratio gearbox on it from a TZ350 or summat - but you are always gonna hook over neutral. Pretty much what Chris said here: And why is it annoying or embarrassing? WTF are you overtaking in 1st gear? Milk Floats?????
  15. I wrote a thread on this agggeees ago, but im buggered if i can find it
  16. I would hazard a guess....and its only a guess mind....that it might be because everyone who does their driving test has had NO ROAD EXPERIENCE whatsoever - hence the advanced driving courses for when you have gained a little more experience.......
  17. Goff

    air conditioning

    Ok - how about...... How old are you?? No.....really.......
  18. Goff


    errrrm.... like a fuckin parachute......
  19. All the best honey. Hope you enjoy it!
  20. Get a couple of independant valuations. Go to some bike shops and ask if they would be willing to put in writing what your bike would be worth inthe condition it was in. Get a couple. Also go onto auto trader etc, and see what the cost is to buy one like yours - print those off. You DO NOT have to accept their first offer, but i'd try the above then send copies to the insurance company.
  21. Keep pushing the buttons honey.....keep pushing.......
  22. any more and I'LL finish it.....
  23. If you wanna throw schoolboy insults at one another then may i suggest you go somewhere else and do it.... its rather tiring now
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