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  1. Get yourself a test ride on one too. You'll be very surprised at how different it is to your 650. They also do a red one too if you are after a different colour.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Yes i have one of these babies. I traded up from a 650 in February this year, and i have no regrets whatsoever. The bike is gorgeous! Its light, responsive and more comfortable than anything i've ever ridden before. The seat felt quite hard on the ass when i first got on it, but after a mile or so it was REALLY comfy. I cant get over just how light the front end feels - the 650 felt like a ton weight at times, but i feel like i have so much more control over this one. Looks wise - well IMO its a thing of beauty - Yamaha have completely revamped it, and it makes the other bikes in the Star range look dated. The arse end is much more sleek an more pleasing on the eye - my 650 had this lump of a light with indicators attached - something i never really liked, but this one is completely different. The front end is a litttle slimmer, but the pullback on the bars is more than the 650 thus giving for a less "stretched" ride, which is a bonus for me cos im only little. The belt drive replaces the old shaft drive, making the bike lighter, and the frame is a matte black - complimenting the chrome beautifully. I haven't had ANY problems whatsoever with it, i can load it up with my tent, sleeping bag, panniers, airbed AND a pillion and it will still go as smooth as it does unloaded. I love this bike to death.
  3. Goff


    Yes. To post inthe for sale and wanted sections you have to become a subscribing member. Details of how to do this are HERE You will then have FULL access to all areas of our lovely forum
  4. Actually no they dont. If a tattoo is done well then they DO NOT got bluey grey and wrinkle. My grandma was heavily tattooed and hardly any of hers went like that - she died aged 79........ It will never be properly certified, because the stuff thats in them that makes them "glow" is only certified for use on fish for scientific fish tracking and is not 100% safe for use on humans
  5. Will still look like that with the scarring
  6. Why? Because it "looks good"? Have you seen them when there is no backlight on them? Absolutely dreadful - like you've been burned or scarred. Some UV ink contains phosphorous, carcinogens, and allergens and you risk your body rejecting the tattoo. There has been a statistically higher number of reactions and complications with the UV tattoos than with regular tattoos. If you're gonna have a tattoo, have a real nice regular one rather than something thats just "fashionable" that could cause you no end of problems.
  7. Goff

    Music fans

    Fookin lightweight..... And from Scotland too - you shouldn't be admitting your a shandy drinkin poof
  8. It could be a coil. Try swapping them with a similar model if you know someone who has one see if its that. If its shutting down on the power it sounds more like a coil thats breaking down. Also check your plugs etc. Start with the simple stuff and work back to the CDI
  9. Definately not. Its not been tested properly and a lot of the "UV" tattoo ink contains formaldehyde - which they use to preserve dead bodies Its unsafe, and just another "fad"
  10. Goff

    Music fans

    That room needs a good tidying up
  11. Goff

    Music fans

    Cant say i have honey? Do you have a link to them or something? I LOVE the Brian Setzler band though! There's a band doing the circuit at the moment who are absolutely BRILLIANT. They are called Aces & Eights ACES & EIGHTS Give them a listen if you get chance! I missed that one thats why!! And FYI - yes i have many, many times!!
  12. Goff

    weres foamy

    Good to hear from you honey. Gld to see you seem to be enjoying it. Make sure you pop on whenever you can and let us know what you're up to.
  13. Goff

    Music fans

    Thought you were saying i was an old bird....... Although i am 39
  14. Goff

    Music fans

    What you tryin to say?
  15. Goff

    Music fans

    Not unless they play rock music, rock and roll or rockabilly!! And the Charleston is sooooooooo 20's
  16. Goff

    Music fans

    Awww bless ya both - but i reckon you being nice cos you know i make the rules
  17. Goff

    Music fans

    I'll post more when i get home - im at uni now
  18. Goff

    Music fans

    Mine are better........
  19. Goff

    gear change.

    You mean Marvyn......
  20. This place is BRILLIANT for cheap stuff CLICKETY CLICK If you have a store near you i would recommend going in as they often have bargains that are not on the website. I get most of my kit from there Im into my 5th year of my Frank Thomas winter jacket now - no leaks, still as toasty and all for the princely sum of £60
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