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  1. I ride as often as possible. Ive been going to uni and back all this week and tonight i had a numpty complete with pillion come up past me at a great rate of knots while the traffic i was in was approaching a junction. He slammed his brakes on and proceeded to squeeze himself in front of me and the car in front of him! Now there was plenty of room for him to pull in next to me but why he didnt do this i have NO idea.....maybe it was because i was on my little cruiser and he on a GSXR - no offence to sportsbike riders intended but it seems to be some of the sports bike riders that are the worst! I rode a CBR myself up until last year and i dont recall feeling the need to try and take out/scare/bully another biker on the road with it - so it definately aint the bike. I have stopped going to places like Matlock Bath on a weekend due to the number of pillocks with a death wish that want to try and turn me onto paste under a car/bus/truck along with themselves on the bends. Ok so i dont ride as fast as some would like and im not trying to break the world land speed record on a sunday afternoon, but i actually ENJOY my bike as it is and dont feel the need to tear up the tarmac and prove what a fantastic rider i am on a weekend, and i just wish these people would think about other road users, especially other bikers. Glad your ok though honey
  2. Goff

    All done

    Lol sorry! I had just rolled her out ready for my first ride and it just so happens my car is on the road too
  3. Goff

    All done

    We've spent today putting my bike back together after is paint job. I still have some custom bits to add but they are coming from the USA so will have to wait a lil bit longer! Finished sorting her out about 5 ish and managed a blast up the road to the petrol station lol. So she's all done and lookin good - Folks, may i introduce.... ELVIRA....
  4. lol im not THAT daft - im a tattooist by trade (hence all my ink lol) so i did my homework!
  5. lol, yes it does - exactly the same meaning. And before any one asks me if i know that it really says sweet n sour chicken with fried rice - it doesnt - its been translated by a thai friend of mine, then checked and checked again!
  6. I have your name tattooed on the inside of my arm - in Thai
  7. Finally managed to get one - all complete
  8. Im loving the protective gear and sheer disregard for other road users - not
  9. Goff

    My Paint Job

    I will do. Im a bit disappointed cos its not ready today as i expected so its going to be another week - i have absolutely NO patience lol
  10. Goff

    Lady rider

    Hey Tantalus!!! We miss you over there you know honey. Come back and visit us from time to time and say hello!
  11. Here's what i've just had done on my XVS650. The pics were taken before it was laquered so it will looke a lot better once its back. I should be able to collect my bits this coming saturday so once the bike is back together ill post pics of that it looks like complete. The guy who did it does this as a hobby and i think he's done a beltin job - all for £150 (exluding base coat and laquering cos he only does the artwork!) I know its not everyone cuppa tea but its certainly mine and a real one off - im proper chuffed
  12. Goff

    Lady rider

    Lol well Im a Goth - although i've mellowed a bit as i've got older. All my friends call eme Goth/Goff depending where they come from lol, so its kinda stuck. Everyone who knows me uses Goff/Goth and i've always answered to it - im more used to it now than my birth name! I shall go over and post some piccies of my paint job too
  13. Im having REAL trouble getting hold of a replacement lock for the storage compartment for my XVS650. Ive been in touch with the nearest Yam dealer and he said he can get one but they come without a key - which i dont really understand! Has anyone ANY ideas at all where i can get one from (with key!)? Ive tried everywhere, all over the net including Evilbay and im stumped now. Thanks in advance Lisa x
  14. Goff

    Lady rider

    Hey folks Just signed up to the site thought i should introduce meself! My name is Lisa (but everyone calls me Goff lol) Some of you may already know me from other sites . I ride a Yam XVS 650 which was imported from the US. Currently having a custom paint job (should be ready next weekend!) which looks fabulous! (Well i think so lol) I rode sportsbikes for years and only got my XVS last May - but im loving it - best thing i ever did. Anywhoooo - hello from me and hope to get to know you all better
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